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  1. does anyone remember what the penalty for stealing a man's horse was ?
  2. when in doubt, stay ...
  3. you Sir are a scholar and a gentleman even if you're a PanFan heck i have a coupla those too in summation, wrist size is irrelevant as long as the wearer compensates everywhere else
  4. if i were the owner i hope the cops catch him before i do
  5. sure thing, dippy calling me an idiot because i called you out shows how classy you are fWiW i didn't go public today, i asked you on your own forum a while after failing to hear from you and then posted up on RG no one on RG was impressed by your demeanor back then either do ya think i'm gonna send you anything after this interaction ? no more time to waste on you Good Bye
  6. there is nothing to reconcile if ya read what i said the only way to wear a watch, any watch - rep/gen/quartz/fantasy is to wear it because you want to wear it it's not like anyone else paid for it so why should their opinion matter ?
  7. if you didn't get my email whose fault is it ? GMail or your shitty server's ? the only reason i got a public reply was after i went public TODAY my info was visible on your APBands forum but ya chose to ignore me i've been here too long and have no more time to waste on ya
  8. DO NOT accept them have your AD mail these over to this lawyer instead send the asspacking lawyer a settlement offering 800 slaps across the face
  9. could be worse i traded a SGW Ti Avenger for an Orange Monster plus custom sting ray
  10. Picasso called