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  1. My vote would be for the new PAM001 Firenze....only thing is there isn't a proper caseback for it. Otherwise my vote would be for a 000, 005, 001, 002 L dials.
  2. Caseback is oem on the 082 as well??? Amazing pieces!
  3. Nope...agree with folex. It's rep for sure.
  4. 02c caseback would need to be from Jakob. 112G - only gen Ti destro CG - from DSN as a part....or the more accurate one is from H-factory but must be purchased as a whole watch (PAM 056)
  5. Wow....I see many gen parts! Congrats! They look great!!
  6. The regulator screw on yours is still short. They have not issued any I know of with long screws. I had to install a longer one on mine...
  7. If it were me....I'd go for a 243N and a 061D.
  8. Not only will you need a new cannon pinion....you will also need a new hour wheel...as it looks like it snapped off.
  9. There is a closed caseback version of the 111. Look up 247i.
  10. It's better....but still quite off.
  11. Those are the 2 dials I've been looking for! Awesome stuff...too bad this wasn't a FS thread. lol
  12. The 40b looks awesome!! Great job!
  13. Different color hands and markers....plus the dial says platinum...where the white gold one does not.
  14. I love it this one....just not so much the 65k price. lol - 45mm rad - sandwich dial with recessed 12, 6 and dots with raised arabic numerals. - P2003 movement - Plat case, gold hands and markers and matching lume Awesome.
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