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  1. I apologize for the delay in updating, at the end the replacement strap arrived. So far no problem with it. The thread was sewn well this time. Malaga Burgundy €38+shipping
  2. I got very bad about this sewing. But I'm willing to give a second chance. So I changed the feedback as he asked me. Now I expect to have news of the correct strap. Tapatalk
  3. The seller apologized. Says he will send to me a replacement strap and asks for change of feedback. I think I accept the proposal and give it a new chance. Tapatalk
  4. Just because I wanted to see how it was the quality of these straps and to make a review when they would arrive. Do not assume that I did not contact him before. The seller responded only after negative feedback.
  5. "Is it so difficult to contact us by email and explain us the problem you might have ? Cant you see by our positive feedbacks that we normally dont have big problems with our customers ? We are a small leather atelier but a very serious one and if you have a problem with any article which we have send you there is no problem to contact us before just writing down a costfree, cheap and rapid negative feedback. Please consider this and to change your negative feedback. Besides when you are already a client of us who bought already some other straps from us, i cant understand this reaction. Regards" mansarea
  6. I got a strap on ebay from on a Spanish seller saying that they sell handicraft straps. Strap arrived today and as soon as I finished mounting it on the watch, it's started to unsewing himself. Really the first time that happens to me like that. I do not think I will buy more straps from this seller. invia immagini
  7. A DC comics flashpoint paradox? Tapatalk
  8. Maybe Tapatalk
  9. Ciao from Abruzzo Tapatalk
  10. I put aside the things I know about doing research on crime and Islamic terrorism (15 years have passed and my life has taken me far away from these bad things). What I'm saying (from a country where there is political terrorism and organized crime) I just say that there are obscure things in all men. Can be money, a beautiful woman, can be the football team, can be politics, can be religion but it is just the excuse to kill. It is not the money, not the women's fault, it is not the fault of football, it is not the fault of politics or religion. Some people would kill so any reason could serve to justify bad action. But this is only my point of view and not the universal truth. Tapatalk
  11. for my point of view the problem is the human factor, not the religion for it's self. Only a tragic mix in the life of good people and bad people in the same place, like a serial killer that walk same street close to other innocent people. Tapatalk
  12. Cappuccino and cornetto for me thanks!! Tapatalk
  13. [emoji14] Tapatalk
  14. Thank You for your time and help again. Unfortunately I'm a bit paranoid for privacy and virus, i just use only Linux and DuckDuckGo but I realize that Google is always a span on it for searchengine. Tapatalk
  15. Thanks works! Tapatalk