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  1. Feeling lucky number Slevin today.
  2. Gen dial, hands and inner bezel ?
  3. sykesy, your photos of your Slevin are especially sharp on the knives (no pun intended, honest!). When are you planning to send it for some zigmeister service and relume magic? Are you perhaps considering chief's double AR as well? Personally I kinda like the blue tint of the stock AR (coming from watches without any AR coating), I think I'm going to hold on to mine for awhile before doing any modding or servicing; just to get over the honeymoon period. I'm finding myself staring at my wrist and stopping any productivity that I have press to play
  4. Great news, I just received QC photos from Mary and it looks fine hence I told her no problem and to send it.
  5. We want pics! We want pics! *continues chanting* Mary said 2 days and it's been 4 days, I know this is normal but the wait is killing me and so many questions popping up "What if there is no stock?" "What if the QC pictures are craptacular?" "What if the chicken crossed the road? " Anyway, that aside, we want pics!
  6. Hey sykesy:D has Nemo reached home yet? Can't wait for awesome pictures from you I showed her the link to the rubber slevin then asked if the correct size was 42mm for that one and she said yes, and its possible to get within 2 days. Perhaps she might try to source it somewhere else than her usual places?:S Anyway, could be just wishful thinking. lol
  7. I have just e-mailed Mary if she can a Slevin for me, the reply was 'yes there is, within 2 days' so looks like I might get lucky on this one.
  8. That is a very gorgeous watch, do let me know(first hand) if you ever consider letting it go . Congrats to skyes for being able to source a beauty:)
  9. It is sad that they no longer make this rep, it is such a nice rep. If PreciousTime has the rubber version in stock, why not get it first then source the SS bracelet else where later?
  10. Good day to all rwg members, I recently taken up interest in replicas and coming from a place where replicas are abundant, I think I found the right place where I can get alot of information regarding replicas .
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