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  1. Wow love it. Sent from my HD1907 using Tapatalk
  2. BK WM9 V3 Sent from my HD1907 using Tapatalk
  3. So you are saying it looks pretty good huh 😉
  4. So I picked this up for my 5513 build. The seller claimed that it was a gen service insert. My question is what do you guys think? Thanks
  5. So just picked this up for my 5513 build, also have a gen 19 some. Really would love a super dome but gen prices are to much for me.
  6. Wish I had a case to put this into and have on my wrist.
  7. Geesh, my idol ubi appears. Gotta get on this thread be next on line under justasgood and nanuq.
  8. Thanks for the info. Helps out a lot. I just got a jk 5512 from Nembo today. Tried to get the bracelet off to look at the case but the can't get the springbars to let go I have a gen 5513 gloss service dial lined up. Want to try to build a 5513 that looks like it has been serviced at Rolex. Looking for a gen luminova service insert and 703 crown. Also kind odd, my bracelet is a 93150 links and 580 end pieces which is good but has a 93160 clasp.
  9. So I am wanting to do a 5513. My question is, are the cartel cases all engraved as 1680's. I have a touch of ocd and knowing that is wasn't engraved as a 5513 would personally drive me nuts
  10. Seems quite dead here? Is everyone gone or am I missing something?
  11. It pulled me back it. Anyways, bad attempt at a joke. Seriously though, have been gone for a while as well it seems quite a few others. Got the itch and need to scratch. Miss all my old watches, looking for a good 5513 btw. Hope to catch up with a lot of u.
  12. Actually think that I am going to go that route. I just picked up a Gen fat font lightly faded Pepsi Insert for 16710. Gonna try to build one reminiscent of a late 80's model with gen tritium dial. Am I correct in that the crown should be 5mm as I'll grab a Gen one of those. Will have to get the lugs drilled so i will need to find one to do the final assembly along with lugs. Just to clarify to, as building one of this year should not have a lec on Crystal,these do not take Gen crystals?
  13. Reppin, Thank u for the reply, ton of help and the links are greatly appreciated. 1675 is my preferred build but thinking about a 16710. U have any thoughts on this one? http://www.ttw8888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_5&products_id=10346 Have followed a few sales adds to this model and it appears that it will take Gen parts as well. Just trying to decide which route would be the best from an accuracy, standpoint. Ease of acceptability of parts and monetary restraints considered as well. Thanks again for your input.
  14. usmctowgnr

    IWC 3714

    Can someone please tell me if there is a 3714 Portuguese Rep that can accept a Gen Dial and if the rep movement will work. Thanks
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