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  1. So I have been sporting my Spin 6263 Daytona for several years now, done some basic upgrades but still have the original spin modified movement in it. Well last night my daughter thought it would be a great idea to wash daddy's watch for him and proceeded to submerge it for several hours in a glass of water with the crown open. I opened the watch and tried to dry it out but alas the mainspring won't hold power any longer and I fear the movement is dead. I tried PMing Spin but was unable to connect. Are there any other collectors here in the SF bay area that could recommend a good person to take a look at this bad boy and potentially get it up and running again. your help is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Just wondering if anyone who has purchased from the great spin can shed some light on transit time from singapore? My 6263 was shipped last week, but the Singapore Postal system doesn't update that often. Thanks for your help! Can't wait to post a wrist shot!
  3. Here is a link to all the technical drawings and designs for all ETA movements. This has been super helpful in designing new projects. ETA Movement Info
  4. Thanks for the kind words! I have been out of town for a few days without my computer so if you requested the files, watch your emails. As for the watch I got it from Mark and it is one great looking PAM. When I can get my hands on a camera that doesn't suck I will post some photos.
  5. Note that all dimensions are in inches.
  6. Ok, so I am so in love with my new PAM111h that I had to dimension and draw it in CAD so I can start playing with dial designs and so forth. Since I am sure that there are others of you who might like this, I am posting PDF's here, but can email DWG or TC2 files. Enjoy! PAM111h_Top_Bottom_CAD.pdf PAM111h_Left_and_right.pdf
  7. I have one that I wear when I am going to work (mind you I work in a warehouse around machinery that would destroy anything) or if I am going out and I don't want to worry about my watch getting damaged. The aesthetic of the watch is purely a taste issue as many of them are rather "blah". Also I find it funny when other people fawn over it more than my PAM111 simply because the recognize the name. It is the little things that make you smile.
  8. Question to any who might be able to help set my mind at ease..... So as a realtive noob, I am waiting for an order from Mark at Timeshops, and when I tracked it they say it arrived at the U.S. and was "handed over to customs" Does this mean customs for inspection, or customs has taken it for good? Thoughts? Thanks for your help
  9. I am so stoked to have found this group! I have been in love with the HBB since I first saw it in Robb Report several years ago. Anyway as a novice watch collector I was hoping that some of you might help point me in the right direction as to where to go to find a good quality (both in accuracy and in construction) HBB Replica. I am looking for either the Luna Rossa, Classic Rosie or the All black with the Gold "2". I have checked out Timeshops.net, but wanted to know where else to look and who to talk to. Again, Thank you for your help!
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