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  1. Happy Birthday COLDI!

  2. Happy Birthday COLDI!

  3. Happy Birthday COLDI!

  4. that kevlar one is probably worth the money. Have you seen the detail in the engraving on it...its awesome
  5. What are the specs? That thing looks awesome!
  6. So I got a watch from a member and he shipped it from Canada as I am in the USA. On the tracking it says that the package arrived at the New Jersey airport on June 26. As of today it is still there. I would have thought it would have gone through by now, it almost being a week! Should I be worried at all that customs has seized it or am I just being to anxious? Is Jersey customs bad about seizing items? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum. Been on other sites but never here! I was hoping you all would be able to help me. I am currently building a PAM087 with a7750 movement in it. However I bought this from a gent who did not have the original cg on it. He used a spare one he had. The problem this causes is that the crown will not pull out to the second position and you have to remove the cg screws to set it... DO you all know where I could find a 087 cg? It is bigger than most cg's from the pics I have seen and reads 1000m on the cg lever. I have emailed dealers with no luck. If you all could please help me I would appreciate it as it is going to my cousin for his wedding! thanks again. C
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