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  1. Hi, the dark lord makes Daytona dials, I thought he only makes submariner dials?? Thats very interesting, does anybody has more infos or pics? Thanks!
  2. I have bought several times from Minh, never had a single problem.
  3. very cool. where did you get this early-style pushers?
  4. Does Ivan really make Daytona dials as well? I thought only Submariners?
  5. roliroli


    great watches, since you have decided for top quality in cases and movements you definitely need some gen dials on them
  6. Yes, contact me if you are interested, but it's probably more than you are asking for in terms of quality: DW case, cousins pushers, Valjoux 72, gen tube, gen crown, gen crystal, gen silver dial and hands (Rolex service parts).
  7. roliroli

    6265 big red

    Ahhh, finally. what a gorgeous Daytona, well done. And it even has original papers, right? More pictures please!
  8. I also need that to be done. I have a wonderful Phong case here and gen pushers - and can't fit them. I don't want to send it back to Phong (EU-US) so I am looking for someone who can do that in the EU. Any ideas guys? And Valty, thats 2 amazing projects, good luck!
  9. Good luck, this will be a wonderful watch :-)
  10. I am searching also, as I can't reach Rolexaddict. Can Rolexman also work on vintage Daytona superfrankens? Any experience anyone? Thanks.
  11. Very nice, good work on the dial as well.
  12. The right upper case was the last one I received from Phong for my 4th Super-Franken. You see the problems: much too fat, lugholes too close to the case, endlinks didn't fit. But it was no problem to return it and receive a new one which was slimmer and the right lugholes for 571 endlinks. I then ordered another one with the same specs and it was ok too. Left upper case is a perfect 6239 from Phong, both beneath are wonderful DW Cases. All have V72, of course :-)
  13. friendly advice: don't even start with that wreck...it's not worth it.
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