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  1. [URL=https://imageshack.com/i/pmXQrwY5j][IMG]https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/150x100q70/922/XQrwY5.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  2. I'm with pompompurin on this- buy the Korean case. Granted you'll have to buy a crystal, bezel, crown, a set of hands and a VR3135 or VS3135 movement. But I think you'll be happier in the long run. Another option would be to buy a 36mm rep DJ with a 3135 movement in it and swap in your dial. These would likely be the later DJs- 116200 or the 126200, but this would be a cheaper route.
  3. Interesting that you were able to use a BP case. Which movement did you use? We're seeing people use this gen spec case for these 16710 builds https://www.ebay.com/itm/363982081862 They still have to get the gen spec bezel parts, most go to Startime Watch Supply here in the USA.
  4. A real Day Date in white gold would be a 118239, so I'm assuming this is a rep. Also, a real DD wouldn't need to have the date aligned! I don't know of anyone who can do this type of work for you. I used Mymanmatt and he was very good at dealing with DWOs, but if he's retired, that's too bad. Maybe you could find someone over at RWI who could help you out.
  5. The JKF- JK Factory- makes a decent 1680- it is a cartel watch, but it can be a base to start from. It comes with a 2836 clone or a dg2813. With the 2836 clone, switching to a 2846 is easy but even the 2846s are hard to find these days. Case shaping is needed- esp. at the crown guards. But to do cgs, I have to pull the case tube which means I've trashed it out getting it out of there. Tap the hole, install a 7030 tube and a 703/704 crown. I use the WSO990 case tubes and have found a nice 704 rep crown on ali express for around $20. 702 assemblies are around- Athaya has them, but not sure how good they are. Drilling lugholes always helps. Bracelet is a 93150 rep, but it's decent. Haven't tried the fat 2mm spring bars, but the 1.8mm old style DJ bars work fine w/o having to enlarge the holes in the bracelet. Crystal is glued on, but it's a decent top hat so I've left it alone. Bezel insert has a decent all acrylic pearl so I'm happy with it. The JK comes in red or white, so take your pick. You could swap out the dial if you want- decent rep dials are around. DWOs, date wheel overlays, are also around- I just haven't found one lately. JKs run from $145 to maybe $245, so the price is reasonable. I've been buying from Marvellous lately. Next step up is a Viet case from someone like Ruby, but that will put you over $1K pretty quickly by the time you get a movement- not sure what will fit- a dial, and a bracelet. 93150s are tough to find these days, btw.
  6. Building a 1680 is tougher these days- gen parts are few and far between. They're also very expensive and there's a bunch of fakes out there parading as gens. I've built a few frankens with gen movements back in the day, but wouldn't do it these days. Servicing 1500 movements is getting tougher- 1530, 1520, 1560 and 1570-5. If you have a decent watchmaker you'll probably be ok, but obviously you can't go to Rolex. My recent 1680 was an old MBW which I was lucky to pick up. I put in an eta 2846-2, and a few gen parts and did some case reshaping. Your 1500 is going to be worth more than any franken you build. Phong is still around, Rubyswatch.com has cases and dials, MQvintagewatches.com is in Vietnam. Mochacha.com has dials.
  7. I've been looking at these Polars lately. I'm doing a Seiko one- GMT white Seiko dial from Aliexpress, NH34A GMT movement, case and hands fr Ali, under $200! Waiting on parts from China! The other possibility is a BP Polar, modified with a VR3186- still thinking about that one....
  8. Nice! I've been on a NH35/36 run for the last few years. The availability of aftermarket Seiko parts is amazing. My friend refers to some of the dials as feiko Seikos. From China of course. But it's fun to put together a watch for $150-200.
  9. Darn, none of the links to pics work for me
  10. As I recall, his website was shut down. You click on his site and you get that ugly message from the law firm. Kind of like when they shut down Trusty or one of the other rep dealers. Of course the CN rep guys just move to a new website. I don’t know how Phong has managed to avoid this. At the time I had just bought a vintage Daytona dial fr Jensen so I was still watching his website.
  11. I have a question, is Vintage Watch Mods Jensen, Phong's son who got beat up by the Rolex police/lawyers? Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix.
  12. The cyclops will also be too far to the right. Also, that's a Datejust dial for the 36mm case. You'd be better off buying a DJ case from rafflesdials and putting the DJ dial in there with a DWO. I'd leave that Prince Oysterdate the way it is.
  13. Great write up freddy! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't decide if I need to get a modern Daytona, I'm more of a vintage guy, but we shall see. A 116500 with the ceramic bezel might do the trick. Cheers!
  14. I've used Mymanmatt a few times and been happy with his work. But building a super franken is going to be expensive and not easy- parts are tough to come by. Gen 18238s are about a cheap as they'll ever be at this point. You also might be able to find a good rep if you check out Trustytime- Andrew. https://trustytimewatch88.io/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_14&products_id=1942 A full gold bracelet and case will easily set you back $10K, maybe more.
  15. I did run across this bezel on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/304628710061?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D777008%26algo%3DPERSONAL.TOPIC%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20220705100511%26meid%3Da9d8d5dfda6640d497345833956d5528%26pid%3D101524%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26itm%3D304628710061%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26algv%3DRecentlyViewedItemsV2%26brand%3DRolex&_trksid=p2380057.c101524.m146925&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac41c96ab-796c-11ed-9d55-2a7fa73e9d62|parentrq%3A01e97c951850a76840a244adfffd1b69|iid%3A1 Not cheap but it looks to have the elongated 2s and the flat 'S' in units- a Mark2, I guess as the pic says.
  16. Welcome aboard! You've found a good place where replica watches are discussed. We also have a section Watches, Clothing, Parts, etc. where some of the trusted dealers are listed. However, some of the dealer's info is a little outdated. I have dealt with Andrew at Trustytime for 15 years but as is the case with rep dealers, they have to change their websites from time to time as the Feds get after them. Andrew's current website is https://trustytimewatch88.io/. You can try him out, good selection, decent prices, good service. You contact him by email which is listed on his site. As for Rogtime.com, I've never heard of him so you're on your own. I prefer to stick with the trusted dealers here and on the other replica websites. Good luck!
  17. DW is long gone. He made some very nice Daytonas- 6239-6263/5 but the only way to get them is thru another member who might be selling one. He made two types of Daytonas- the ones with an asian 7750 movement and the cases that fit a Valjoux 72 movement. I would think that your watch has the asian 7750 movement,but it would be a real treat if it has a V72 in it. But even back in the day it was hard to build a 6263 with a V72 for $600. In the late 2000s a V72 movement alone cost $600-1000 and the DW parts were $300. A watchmaker to put it together would be another $200-300.
  18. Like auto says- check out RWI- tripdog does good work- I believe he's in the UK but not 100% sure of that.
  19. But wait- it has an original Rolex rotor! LOL! Is that a 2789-1 movement? So what's you theory on the same SN?
  20. 1680 sub 16800 sub 16610 sub pretty boring, but there's a bunch of other watches, 5508, 6238, 6239, 1016, 5513 and the list goes on... A WIS or a watchaholic- which is it?
  21. Looks like a Sellita would be a little less- maybe around $180. ETA would be a little more- this is for the 2824-2/SW200 versions. I'd expect similar for the 2836-2/SW220. Seagull clones are quite a bit less- $60 or so. ST-2130 is the 2824-2 clone and ST2100 is the 2836-2 clone. This came from eBay.
  22. https://rwg.cc/topic/196701-rolex-sub-franken-help/#comment-1574728 This is from 6 months ago Things that are still true 1. very few gen parts are available- most of them are high priced fakes 2. using a gen 1030 movement is a waste of time and good money- you can do it, but the pros discourage it. What impresses me the most is the guys that can build a nice rep for $400-1000, one that's aged and looks the part. You can spend $4,000 -7,000, but what do you have? An overpriced replica. One that 99.99% of the people could give a $hit about. Oops, that was a year and 6 months ago!
  23. Building a 6538 is simply a question of how much do you want to spend? Phong is the top of the line so to speak, but I wouldn't recommend putting a 1030 movement in any watch so that leaves you with a case and a dial- looking for a movement. 2846-2s are a good slow beat ETA, but don't know if it will fit in the 6538 case. A slow beat 2824-2 would be another possibility- but that's somewhat of a misnomer since 2824s are all 28,800 bph. But maybe you could find an older ETA that's the predecessor to the 2824 with the 21,600 beat or even a 18,000 beat and close to the 4.6mm heigth. You could check out Ruby for a little less money. http://rubyswatch.com/Products/watch-cases/sub-c6538 Get the case and dial and once again you're looking for a movement, but it's probably a fair amount cheaper than Phong. HR, Helenarou has a 6538 and it used to be that you could get the branded 6538 with an ETA clone for around $500-600 maybe- you just have to ask since they don't publish it on the site. I ran across a 6538 on Trusty- might be a good place to go first- see how you like the watch and maybe even try some case reshaping yourself. https://trustytimewatch88.io/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_11&products_id=15561 But the problem with Trusty these days is he'll say he can't get the watch anymore- it's out of stock. Last time he told me that, I went to Marvellous and he got me the watch I wanted. I'm not sure what Silix's deal is these days- last time I tried to go there it messed up my computer. Rolojack is a master of case reshaping but he's MIA these days. That leaves you to age your own case- bang it up, smooth it down, repeat. Google 6538 and check out the pics and go to work.
  24. Well, I'd like to see a price for a 1680, but I'd assume it's about the same as a 1655 or the 1675 from 1975- around $450 or so. I bought a 1500 Date in 2006 for $1100- today those watches are going for $3K-5K- crazy!
  25. So beautiful in its simplicity! Is Yuki still around?
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