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  1. I was never very good at following instructions....
  2. Who haz best sub? I heard something about crazysalesman?? deltatahoe
  3. good memory my old friend -- it was 5th_group that bought it! is he still active / around? would be nice to see another picture of that watch... surfside
  4. so it really has been too long since i've been around -- when you mentioned ollie's comex it didn't register so i posted the only comex i still have -- i sold ollie's comex YEARS ago. this one has the most boring case back around -- needs some serious work done to it (i'm too embarrassed to even post a pic!) that case back on ollie's watch really was something else though... deltatahoe
  5. been quite a while since i've stopped by RWG; figured i would drop in to say hello any old timers still around?? my jaw dropped when i looked at my profile and it advised me that i joined over 10 years ago. hard to believe in any event, probably going to post/repost some old goodies for sale in the next day or so, so keep a lookout for also, looking for someone to do some work on a couple watches -- i'm guessing ziggy hasn't come out of retirement? after a quick look around, sounds like Misiekped is the way to go these days. is that right? thanks in advance, deltatahoe
  6. are we still not supposed to post here?
  7. thanks for the welcome back guys. as for the sub, i guess i should have laid on the sarcasm a little harder deltatahoe
  8. are we still not supposed to post in this thread? deltatahoe
  9. hope i got a couple with that title! it's been a really long time since i've been around these parts, so i wanted to start a thread to say hello to all the old timers who are still around. i was about to start a thread to ask who is a good watchmaker now that ziggy has hung up his loupe, but then realized i was probably asking a n00bish question that had already been asked a thousand times, and after a quick search, viola! i had the answer from a thread less than a month old. i guess some things don't change much. anyways, i'll be here a bit more snooping around. will also be posting some watches for sale....and if history is any guide, buying a few too!! so, who haz best sub with genuine TRL?? where is crazy watch salesman when you need him!! deltatahoe
  10. Happy Birthday deltatahoe!

  11. thanks a bunch everyone for the input my findings have been that these are easiest to find by searching for buckley dial datejust, and yes, i would agree that the pricing on the watch i posted is high deltatahoe
  12. so occasionally i will click through emails from the likes of urbandaddy or gilt to see what vintage watches are being curated out of curiosity; in doing so i happened across a vintage datejust with a striking white dial that i really liked (i've never been much of a datejust fan to be honest); i think it has a very cartier-esque feel to it. anyways, can anyone identify the reference number for this dial version (so i can search VRF or timezone to find one)? btw, happy holidays to all the old timers -- been too busy to spend much time on RWG the last couple years, but my passion for watches hasn't waned. thanks in advance deltatahoe
  13. hmmm modern bond watch -- that sounds familiar deltatahoe
  14. figured i'd chime in as well given i don't post much these days (i'm still an occasional lurker ) deltatahoe oh, and live long RWG
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