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  1. I've read some tip about removing the stem and crown, and then try to squeeze the crown tube with some pliers, carefully making it a little tighter. Perhaps I will try it..
  2. Hello fellow members. I am asking for a tip on this issue, perhaps someone share the same experience? I got this Pilot Chrono 377717 last summer (steel bracelet and blue dial). After a couple of days, I noticed the crown did not screw in properly aligned. All though I am very careful, I have collected reps for a decade and been a member at the forum for as long as well. After I tried to screw it back in a couple of times, to make it aligned, I noticed the threads of the crown seemed to be weakening. And now it is totally impossible to screw it back in. So, only thing to do is to swap the tube and the crown, but were can I source the parts? I notice there are som gen parts on the marked, but It will cost me the price of a new rep. So, is it possible to source part from the dealer, or someone, perhaps? Should I complain? It is the Z-Factory who make this model. Dealer (xx) is a well known trusted source.
  3. Hi There Gran:) I have the Le Petit Prince edition with blue dial. ZF-factory. Did you exprience some issues with the crown since you got the watch almost a year ago? I bought mine abot 8months ago. After a couple of weeks the crown seemed to be stripped, slowly but surely. It began when I discovered it looked like it screwed back in misaligned. After a couple of attemts to screw it gently in again to have it aligned, it kind of slipped and now it barely locks in place. Is it possible to source spare part from the dealer, perhaps?
  4. Admin

    Happy Birthday Smab!

  5. I got the Omega Planet Ocean Ti 45.5mm 10th of July. So, because of some issues about the stem, It is a little difficult to adjust the time of this item. That is the reason why I have kept it running ever since, had it on my wrist at least every other day, to maintain the power reserve. It has now been running continously for 43 days. And I just checked the time server. It is 22 seconds too fast!!... That is 22 seconds off in 43 days! An averidge error of only about 0.5 seconds too fast a day! This is by far the most accurate watch I've got. Even more accurate than my GEN SOSF 2010 model, which I purchased in 2012. The Breitling SOSF is officially certified chronometer by the COSC in Switzerland. Still, it is usually about 10-20 seconds off in a week. And this is a freaking rep?? I noticed allready some time ago, it was running just a little too fast, it was actually near a minute to fast a couple of weeks ago, but it has slowed a little again. It can be due to I wore it more radomly a couple of days, and the PR was getting low, I reckon. But, the averidge accuracy of the movement is so satisfying I never doubt it is within 30-60 seconds (fast) from the official time servers for 1 1/2 month now. I must say, this is not the one with the Asian "POS" movement, the socalled hibeat 2813, this one has a "rebuild" (according to the TD) Swiss ETA. It is also stamped with the correct ETA markings, stating it is a 2836-2 ETA. It has the more advanced shock absorber (different from the Novodiac or Etachoc). The metal ring around this Incablock system is made of two half rings. The Novodiac/Etachoc is one solid ring around the pivot jewel and the shock spring. The swiss ETA's seen on reps, have both of these systems installed, this Incablock system is supposed to be a little better. Well. some say the swiss on reps, are not swiss at all, but Asian clones. I don't know, it looks gen ETA to me, but I am not an expert. So let me share this pic. Is it a true ETA? If it is an Asian clone, they sure did a heck of a job making this my most accurate watch (and by far most accurate rep when it comes to time keeping).
  6. Been a while since this tread was updated. Same problem with my PO LM Ti. Swiss 2836-2. Will not click pass the time set (hack) position when I push the crown back in after time set. After some jiggling it finally clicks, most often just until I screw it back in. Seems to "jump" pass the date set postion when this occurs (every time I try). It is possible to set date if you pull out from winding pos, but not push back from time set pos.
  7. Smab

    Blue LMTi 45mm?

    This is a true Titanium case and bracelet. I have one my self, but not from Toro. It is the same model though, the BP factory 45,5mm Ti Liquid Metal. The Ti is much, much lighter than an SS watch. It is a little darker also, if one is not used to Ti, it may feel a little light (missing some of the heft one would expect from such a large watch). The Ti model is almost 100 grams less than the SS model. The pictures from Toro' site are of the older version, but he carries the updated version like the ones from the cartel dealers. So, the problems with the pearl are now sorted out, and the bezel and dial have a very nice metallic blue shine, changes color by the light, like the GEN. But, whereever you choose to by from, do NOT choose the Asian clone, it is a crap movement, not the one they state as "Asian Clone 2836", but rather a clone of the Asian clone (also called new breed highbeat A2813).
  8. Smab

    Omega CRPO by BP maker

    At least it is not the clone of a clone Asian 2836, probably a reassembled swiss ETA. It is difficult to tell without proper macro to see the actual ETA stamp by the balance wheel.
  9. Smab

    Omega CRPO by BP maker

    Why on earth is the bezel not mounted???
  10. This is the Ti Liquid Metal model. Available both with Swiss ETA and "Asian 2836 clone" and both 45,5 and 42mm now available. The cartel dealers among others, sell them. This is made by the BP factory, as far as I know. The Noob PO is not available in Ti as of yet. The Asian clone PO is approx 60USD less than the swiss and sells for a little over 300USD. But, sadly, the Asian clone model is not a true 2836 clone, it is a "2813 New Breed Highbeat 28.800", as seen in the budget Rollies selling at about 150USD and up. The budget Rollies is advertised as "2813 highbeat", whereas the PO is advertised as "Asian 2836 clone". Both the price and the text should speak for a true Asian 2836 clone, but is not. As seen in different treads here and at RWG.bz, it does not have a true 1:1 fit with the ETA hands and stem etc. Also the dial feet is screws, while the Asian 2836 clone and swiss ETA has dial clamps.
  11. Smab

    About to purchase a Rolex

    They have clearly put Asian 2813 Highbeat movt in the SOSF V2 "asian clone 2836-2" and the PO Ceramic "Asian Clone 2836". Just study the pictures and you'll see it is the same movements as in the budget Rollies with "Asian 2813 New Breed Highbeat 25j 28.800". The Budget Rollies selling from around 150USD, the SOSF and PO Ceramic around 270-300 USD! Of cource they can charge this and sell it, since an actual clone would justify the price, but not the 2813 highbeat! Study the pictures! Do not buy anything with silver centered rotor ball bearings assembly. Only go with the ones with golden center. Sometimes claimed as Swiss ETA, but probably that is the actual Asian 2836 clones. Hangzhou and Sea-Gull make good ETA clones. Who made this 2813 Highbeat stuff I have no clue. Major issues, described over at RWI and RWG.BZ.
  12. Hello fellow members. Hope to get some input from you to enlighten the issue with the "new breed Asian 2813 Highbeat 28.800 25j" movement, these show up as budget options on some Rollies, but also in some models not budget at all (i.e. SteelFish SuperOcean V2 Asian Clone 2836-2). Planet Ocean Ceramic Asian 2836 clone etc. Seems the BP factory are using this budget movement and calling it an Asian Clone 2836, and the models are priced in the upper 200 lower 300 ish price range. At the same time the same movements are sold as it should have been, as a "A2813" highbeat at prices ranging from 150-ish up to lower 200 ish. Who is scamming who here? The factories, the dealers?
  13. I've checked around - you can get this same movement in the Explorer I 36mm with superlume 1:1 dimensions and free freight, at 158USD... The BP Ceramic A2836 "clone" should have been 100USD less than it is currently sold for, with this movement. Approx 200-220USD.
  14. Update: the claimed asian 2836 clone, is not that. It is the same movement as seen in the budget BP Rollies, the socalled "Asian 2813 new breed hibeat 25j 28.800" movement. It is a very cheap movment, the bad thing is this has ended up in a +300USD watch claming to be an Asian 2836 clone. I reckon all the BP PO Ceramic sold as Asian clone 2836 has the cheapy movement. Nothing worth keeping. This should have been sold at approx 200USD. Compare to the BP DSSD with the same movement, it goes at approx 218USD, sometimes also with free freight. Only difference is the 8500 decorated rotor and markings. See my post from today in the Omega section...
  15. Hello there, GenTLe. I got in touch with the dealer once I received the watch, as it was a different movement then the "swiss ETA" on the dealers pictures. Should have seen it on the QC pics, but it was not what I was looking for, I didn't know the differene visually either at the moment. First thing to look out for, is the center in the rotor ball bearing. The claimed swiss has a golden center. So does the ETA clones from the known Hangzhou and Seagull i.e.. but this thing, it has a silver center. Also the different regulator fork and different shock spring for the balance. I then reckon I got the Asian clone 2836, the dealer told me to ship it back. Since I paid and ordered the swiss.. But later, as I saw the momement on the budget DSSD, I noticed it was very much the same, besides the decorated rotor and markings on the PO. Then I realized they are selling BP PO with claimed Asian clone 2836, but really use the cheapest hibeat available in models from a little more than 100 usd. And the asian PO ceramic sells for more than 300 USD! Probably they use the same movement in other models also, I also saw the tread on RWI. Since the dealer wants to sort things out, I will not blame him. It is the same model they sell at the cartel dealers. I guess all BP watches with claimed A2836 clone can have this crap movement, it is much, much cheaper than the actual asian clones, as seen from Hangzhou and Sea-Gull. Since a lot of fellow members seems to belive it is better to stick with the asian option, to get a new movement, that can be quite good, I feel it is esential to learn the difference between a "good" asian 2836/2824 clone and the cheap models. Noone that is interested in keeping a good rep for some time, wants the A2813 hibeat, it has numerous issues, and it is a very cheap movement, not like the actual asian ETA clones.