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  1. Hi Toadtorrent I'm sorry to bother you, but I see you name coming up a lot on topics regards to rep friendly watchsmiths in Toronto. I happen to live in North York. Over the last few years I have bought a small collection of replica watches. Unfortunately I don't post much on RWG, but I was hoping you could help me out. I am currently in possession of a SOHv2, one of the few last ones I got off a TD from another forum. While the watch itself is great, I feel like I want to reservic...

    1. maxlifan


      If you could send a PM or direct me in the right path, that would be great. I tried to PM earlier but your mail box is full. I'm looking to do a relume and service. Thanks.

  2. maxlifan

    Rep Friendly Watchsmith in Toronto?

    I was hoping to find something similar. I have two A7750 that I want to service before wearing and I was hoping to have a relume done on one of them. One happens to be the SOHv2 that I got a few years back, was always afraid of breaking it and since I never found a place to service it, I never wore it. If you could help me out or send me a PM that would be great.
  3. maxlifan

    7750 Service near Toronto

    I'm actually looking for a similar person to service a few 7750s I bought. But unforunately I haven't found anyone willing to work for a reason fee (I been getting quotes for 350+), I was wondering if you found anyone? I would glad if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  4. maxlifan

    Ordered my first replica watch. So nevrious

    Thanks guys . Yea Lanikai sorry bout the 1000000000000 pms lol. O I ordered the beginmariner, now I'm thinking of ordering the BeginYachy. That is if my 1st rep is good and at my door way .
  5. Today, I place my order from Josh using MoneyGram. I'm going to remit the money over tomorrow. Is there anything I should be aware of? I hear from alot of people hat Josh is a wicked seller. Also I just have one question for the people who have ordered from him before. Does EMS delivery to the door, or do I have to pick it up at the post station? (I'm only 16 lol, I might have to drag my parents along which would kill my day lol) Lol, my hands are still shaking from just pressing confirm order, I want to see my first rep so badly lol.
  6. maxlifan

    New Member from canada

    Welcome lol, unlike you, I'm a noob at this but I'm also from Canada
  7. Thanks for the help lol. I'm looking for a average everyday watch that bends in with black,blue or red (fav colours). I been looking at one of the Noobmariners and they seem pretty good, I might try one out lol.
  8. Hey guys. I'm looking around for a replica watch lol. I'm new to the watch world and would love to have some help from you guys. I always been interest in Rolex (Due to there expensiveness of the gen), Movado (Cause I think they look new and cool) and Bretling but any real good watches are also appreciated. Anyhow I need some recommendations for my first replica watch (YAY, I can't believe it as well) and so far... I'm stunned by the selection. So could some nice people here please help me out and recommand cheap but good repilica around 100-150 dollars for a newbie? Thanks alot guys!
  9. maxlifan

    Hey, how is everyone?

    Thanks guys, I was chatting around yesterday and a great guy "lanikai" pmed me his dealer. I'm gonna check prices with him lol.
  10. Hey guys, recently my Movado watch which I bought 4 years ago on a vacation for 800 dollars broke down.(Due to retarded shipping reason never brothered to get it repaired) I searched around for a new watch, and discovered in Canada, watches = alot of $$ and so I looked for better ways of obtaining things that looks cool has a brand and can tell time. Naturally since I'm Chinese (nothing racist intended) I began looking for a "replica", so I went on my favorite deal forums RFD and posted asking for help on a replica watch.(Boy... I got 10 pages worth of spam and 5 more of falmes) Well anyhow after reading all 15 pages, I asked my friend who was into watches. He recommended me to this forums and said it was great so here I am . Hope everyone here can help me out XD. (Unlike some people from RFDs) P.S I was looking up sites and one I found which caught my eye was Exact replicas, they provided detailed pictures of all their watches, has anyone tried them or recommand me to buy from them? (Not fully sure if posting links is allowed, if not please remove)(http://www.exactreplicas.com/) P.S.S I live in Canada, Toronto so if anyone can recommend a good locate dealer, it would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!