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  1. I drive this. 475,000 clicks smells like dead horse sounds like a whining wife Love it. All you guys are show offs with your hot little cars...
  2. My vintage oval Jubilee bracelet has a ton of stretch but its very confortable. I want to push in the outer in so that things are a bit more tight. Is it safe to press down on both sides of the bracelet to reduce the gap? Or will I disturb the welded outer links and make the links loose and they would eventually fall off?
  3. bump really just need the clasp like this one:
  4. well..... seller wants $400US for it firm and its has wrong end links 'cause they are two tone gold ones...... I would be using rep WOS end links..... I have no urge to spend that kind of money on a metal bracelet that ends up on a rep. That is just UNnecessary.....
  5. here is a question i could find an answer to..... can you use 20mm end links on a vintage Rolex oval Jubilee that has 19mm end links?
  6. ok, I will revive this thread for the sole purpose of seeing if any of the posters would have any of these spring bars to sell to me.... PM me. thanks
  7. would very much appreciate receiving at least one pair.... the ones I have suck hay and thanks for the kindness😉
  8. but the thread is a year old.... would he still have some for sale?
  9. I searched and spent almost $200 from different sellers from everywhere I could find and none of the spring bars I received cut it for me. All of them has the ends flat and I want spring bars closer to gen with the ROUNDED ends. WHERE CAN I BUY THEM? ANY SOURCE I HAVE NOT FOUND YET? i am looking for fat bars for vintage Subs
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