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  1. docdoowop


    sorry for the revival but Nanuq's thread was super helpful for me: solved the issue😉
  2. yeah but a TC is a TC.... in its own league... why are people so much fixated on having a gen-like functioning Dayto? To me, it is not the greatest watch ever made....and who needs a fully functioning Daytona rep? How many of you guys run laps, race Formula Ones or whatever the hell you'd wear a fully functional Dayto knockoff for? After collecting rep and gen diversfor 25 years, I am yet to take a diving course and go deep sea diving just because I own a rep Deepsea.....??😐
  3. once you have made a ''push''/adjustment to fast or slow, do you wait 12 or 24 hours to see how it runs? Sometimes a movement needs to settle from the adjustment? or you can tell your adjustment is no good after only a few hours?
  4. hey guy. I need to revive this thread as I need to know which lever is the one I push for a slight regulation. The watch is running about 20 seconds fast per day
  5. all right guys.... I feel real stupid... was looking over bridge with my wife, bezel insert decides to take a swim in the ocean....GONE:( I need to find one that will fit the JKF DRSD 1665 I have (see old photo of it). Or if anyone knows of a TD that is friendly and open to selling such parts, let me know Thank you all in advance... C
  6. is the 'for sale' section limited to VIPs ?
  7. outstanding skills... you make my photos look like they were made by a dwarfed, hairless, mutated, degenerate, one eyed, toothless ghoul.
  8. Hello guys. I have heard that some Swiss ETAs are sometimes bought without the markings on them.... or is this a clone?
  9. Oh, Canada! ;)  Any shipping issues?  How do you usually send things to the states?  And, BTW, how old is the watch?  Has it ever been serviced? Best, CC

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