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  1. It has been sometime since I have been active on the forum. It is nice to see that all of you are still going strong and Enjoying this hobby. Today I decided that it was time to pull the trigger and buy the watch that will be a nice piece to my collection. This watch represents to me a certain mile stone achievement. In October 2009 I purchased a M Series Rolex Sub because I new they were being discontinued, back then they were going for about $6K new. Last week I sold it for $5800. Some people may think that may be a bad deal but I know it went to a good home. Onto the pictures Enjoy!
  2. I have been driving and racing 911s since 1998. I also had a Cayenne S which was my daily driver for 3 years. There is nothing like a 911. I am an old school guy that only like the air cooled ones. Bottom line any Porsche is AWESOME. Do your research and buy the best one that you can afford. In my opinion the best years for the 911 (993) are 1995-1998. These are BEST of the last Air cooled engines for the 911s. I recently just purchased a 1997 993 cab and it is AWESOME. The 928 and 968 are great cars and you can pick them up for a reasonable price. Do your self a favor and look around on the rennlist forum and you will find a tremendous amount of information. http://www.rennlist.com/ Happy hunting. If you want drop me a PM and we can discuss more. Thanks
  3. It looks very nice. I never saw a Daytona Zenith with numbers on the dial. I am only familiar with the stick markers. The Sub dials seem to be in the correct position also. Here is a good video on You tube that Compares the 16523 to the 116523 daytona. Hope this helps
  4. I am now finally able to post some pictures of my completed 201A project. This was just back from The Zigmeister to get the serviced and the dial relumed. The Non-Matching dial and hands came out AWESOME. The watch is mounted on a nicely padded Brown Croc strap. Thanks for looking.
  5. Very Nice Mine is on the way back from The Zigmeister. I hope to get it by next week.
  6. You need a Bergeon or rep case opener. I am not sure what Die size. You can also try the good old duck tape or rubber ball. If you need to borrow my Bergeon Die set let me know.
  7. http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Samuel-Eto-o-spends-1-3m-on-designer-watches-fo?urn=sow,246394 WHAT A TEAM PLAYER
  8. After you remove the screw you need to push the pin out from the side. Mine came out very easy. The screw is a pressure screw to keep the pin from falling out.
  9. Had a face to face buy with watchlover1 and he is a great and honest member. Extremely knowledgable and pleasure to deal with.

  10. Did a face to face deal with this member. He is a GREAT member to deal with.

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