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  1. Happy Birthday anics!

  2. Happy Birthday anics!

  3. Well... This morning my OP started running again and so far it's keeping good time... Now I am very confused?
  4. Ha ha! Well let's hope it's a gremlin then
  5. 5-6 hours... I'm taking it to a watchsmith on Monday. Hopefully it's not that... Then again I don't know what else it could be... However the PAM is a 7750 so it could be anything...
  6. Well my new OP stopped dead on arrival after being in my messenger bag. Has it been magnetized? Ill let you know when I know...
  7. Hi guys. I just received a very nice Belstaff bag with what seem to be rather strong magnetic clasps on the front and side. I was planning to travel with the bag and as such put some watches in it when I do so. This may sound silly but will these clasps magnetise my watches? The watches (mostly 7750 movements) will be in a watch travel case inside the bag... Anyone had any problem with this type of thing? Thanks all A
  8. Me too. I usually travel across Europe and the US with 3-4 watches at a time in my hand luggage. Never had a problem.
  9. Happy Birthday anics!

  10. anics

    V3 diver waterproof?

    Nice strap! A
  11. anics

    V3 diver waterproof?

    Had my V3 waterproofed yesterday. Watchsmith noted that incorrect O-rings were used by the factory, also no grease (no surprise - but wrong rings was a bit of a shock)... Get em checked before you swim guys!!!! Then enjoy the summer Alex
  12. anics

    Hublot ice bang V7

    Hey guys, Hopefully one of you can help me with this as I am getting conflicting opinions from dealers. I am building a Franken and I need to know whether the V7 ice bang (which was a mash up of left over V5 parts) had lumed hands and or numerals? I think it does. Weak, but it's there... Can anyone confirm this please... Thanks!!! A
  13. anics

    V3 diver waterproof?

    True. By comparison though. The V2 I had previously passed with flying colours! Lucky I guess...
  14. Hey guys Just thought I'd share some info with you all... Today I gave my V3 to a watch smith to test for its waterproofness (if that's even a word).... The result... It failed! Unfortunately I don't know how far it got before it failed but it definitely failed... So... Beware!!!! And check before you swim!!!! A