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  1. Hi there,

    I bought a pair of TAG spectacle frames from you a while back. Do you have any more? I would like to buy another pair like the ones I had from you.

    Tchild (Geoff)

  2. I have the rose gold version with the brown face and brown leather strap. I agree an absolutely stunning watch which I wanted immediately after seeing the gen in a Tag store. The size isn't much of an issue, only about 3 mm thicker than the gen, and wears beautifully. Great choice, enjoy it.
  3. Watch arrived today and I can only say that it is stunning!! WOW!! How happy am I? I first saw this watch in Singapore last year when I was on holiday (TAG shop on Orchard Road). I fell in love with it instantly and have lusted after one ever since. My thanks to Joshua who was brilliant throughout the whole buying and delivery part. Very good communication and easy to follow tracking. All in about 10 days from ordering to delivery. Can't ask for much better than that! I'll try to sort out some pics and upload them later today. Tc
  4. Well Nikki6's pop pulled the trigger and went for the rose gold version. More about it in a new thread. Tc
  5. Hi everybody, just wanted to say hello and comment on how good this site is. Loads of really good information so far, only problem is I can see it will cost me lots of money. Thanks to all the clever guys for their input.