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  1. sharkydog

    SMP Chono gen dial is brown

    Hi, the SMP chrono face posted by the op is found on the older rhodium-bezeled model. Here's a pic:
  2. sharkydog

    New SMP Chrono vs Old SMP Chrono

    Yes, the newest one fixes the Omega letters. If they would just fix those short hands...! The older white font one is excellent, but still the pearl and shaved/shallow waves on the caseback (vs graduated/smooth waves)...arg. I'm probably too picky though. For two bills and change it's hard to argue its value.
  3. sharkydog

    New SMP Chrono vs Old SMP Chrono

    The new smp looks nice but the too-short subdial hands are too big of a flaw for me. The pearl is also a tell when viewed in person. I ended up buying a gen silver-bezeled smp chrono for about 1350 on eBay. I think it differentiates itself sufficiently from the available reps - silver bezel, tritium lume (though pretty weak now), uniformity of links in bracelet under close inspection, rhodium plated mvt with regulator, serial no on mvt matching that on case, etc. I think because of the relative accessibility of the price, like Bytor's steelfish, I just felt in the end it was worth it to buy a gen used (new is just not worthwhile given the depreciation on omegas).