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  1. My experience with Matt has been positive all the way. He does great work and easy to deal with.
  2. No, I don't think it was vintage (or a gen) but it looked exactly like what you pictured. I'm not promoting CL. just mentioning that I saw it for sale.
  3. I have a very similar TT sub I purchased almost 12 yrs ago. It was sold as a super rep from an outfit called "fakegifts". The band is thick gold wrap over brass but not solid gold. The serial number on the clasp should end with "18" for the 18k band
  4. it's a well made watch but i'd have it pressure tested before putting it in water.
  5. After you gather and install gen parts, will it still be a favorite 2 years down the road?
  6. the tube is what the crown screws down on. I think that's one of the major faults with the upo's. Many people replace the tube with a gen tube. cost is over $100.
  7. I have the chrono version and after two years the tube/crown is stripped. Everything else works fine.
  8. If you live in States, TJMaxx has them on clearance. $60 to $70. The exact watch minus Breitling name.
  9. Welcome my friend, you'll find great information and plenty of watches here! Not too many people are familiar with your beautiful country.
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