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  1. Yes! The worst is when you have to remove the bracelet to get the stuck bits out of the end links. Also, you know it’s bad when you need magnification and #2 tweezers. 😆 Also, the Loctite on the bracelet screws is getting ridiculous too.
  2. Japan for sure. Grand Seiko grows their own. Citizen EcoDrive Quartz are probably the best all around and eats Swiss Rhonda for breakfast. Even Casio is rock solid.
  3. Late to the party here. I am a Rolex guy, with 5 Gens and a Franken. However, that Brodinkee video is $hit in my opinion. Pandering? It may take a year to design and tool up for a new model, but not a year to make 1 Rolex. I’ve had brand new Rolex’s come with calendar issues and dirt on the dial. TRF is full of comments of misaligned bezels, etc. A buddy just got a new Explorer 36 that was running -9 slow. I’ve had Rolex’s come back from RSC with 2.0ms beat error and +12. Don’t get me wrong, Rolex are good/great watches but this “brand mystique” BS I find comical. I think Brodinkee’s influencer status has jumped the shark, and their target audiences has shifted to Millennials with money, and pushing their agenda and products. (Forgive the rant) The Mercedes analogy is spot on!
  4. I might have actually grabbed the last one to repair a stretched out side of a 9315. Worked well. The clasp and end links these come with are total junk. Bin’d those. Thanks to my small wrists the removal of the links was a snap and the “push pins” are obscured in the clasp. I literally am using half of it on the 12’ o clock side of my 1675. (Top) Gen links on the 6 o clock side (bottom) with Gen clasp, Gen 280 end links. The color and size is a perfect.
  5. Surprised there is no explanation as to what is going on with the new badges and loss of power max, and member since… Was it just a forum update that was unknowingly applied, or was this a conscientious choice by the Admin? Edit to add, those viewing this on Mobile browser only probably have no idea what we are talking about. Only noticeable on full desktop 🖥 browser version of the forum.
  6. Wow Naunq! amazing. I think the other trick is to actually beat it up, then have it polished (lightly). If you did the "Jar of coins" aging, then polished it, then wore it hard, you would achieve a believable aged case.
  7. I use two lever style hand pullers, and sometimes these plastic tools you get from iFixit to fix iPhones, to unfold the links. I then use brute finger strength to fold them closed, sometimes with the help of a wooden block to press against. HTH
  8. Yeah, whats up with the badges. "We don't need no stinking badges!" Ditto, I have been here for 12+ years and got my 1yr badge and "Newbie" status. 🤣 Edit to add, didn't our avatar used have something like "Member Since 2008"? or am I delusional?
  9. My TD of choice has not been slow to respond per se'. However, his responses have grown short, sometimes missing the question. Actually, I believe some of the responses are coming from their employee's and not the man himself. Ultimately my TD comes through, but any QC pic issues or concerns are rebuffed, blamed on photos, or "will check with the factory" then after a week they ship the same watch with the QC concern anyways. I would say something is up. Maybe the recent raids have them in a bad mood.
  10. Going off of memory of a post I saw on another forum, the reversing wheels and attachment to ratchet wheel notoriously strip/implode on these. I think a proactive service of the auto winding system might help prolong this.
  11. Yeah. The VSF 216610 is amazing. There are posts about it in the Rolex forum here.
  12. I have one of these in my parts drawers. The applied lume plots were laughable. Can you tell me more about the crystal and bezel swaps? Did it require much mod. Was your bezel a click, wire, or nylon tension system? looks like you didn’t drill the lug holes fir 2mm bars????
  13. Similar situation here. Got the Gen’s I wanted. Was gone for about 5 years. In 2019 I became frustrated and put off my what was/is happening in the Gen and Grey markets. Not to mention I have owned Gen’s from all the major brands and actually had many issues requiring warranty work that usually came back botched (Tudor). When paying >$5k for a “Swiss” watch that has QC issues it sent me running back here. I think the price hikes are relative and generally worth it. A Seiko Turtle will run you the same as a NOOB, VS/VR, GM, BP; Rolex, PAM, Omega rep that is damn close. Get an ETA base run it till dies and swap in a Gen ETA/Sellita. If you haven’t handled the VSF 216610 Sub, it is worth every penny. The VS3235 movement is a true custom clone 3235 movement with an astonishing 72± hours power reserve. Takes Gen Rolex calendar parts. If you can service ETA, you can service this. I go back and forth. I am fortunate and grateful I can walk in to a Rolex dealer and get what I want. At the same time the lure of Reps is equally, and at times more fun and satisfying.
  14. Ditto! I usually say something like "It's my own Restoration, a real Frankenstein <with a laugh>". Also, "Swap-Job". This will flush out people who have read the "The Rolex Report". Or if it is a straight up Rep same as you: "MBW, Vaclume PAM Mod, Trusty VSF "Special" 😛
  15. Amen! Just as Rolex purists have no tolerance for us, I have none for purists. Name one other hobby involving mechanical components that does not have aftermarket parts available. The Vintage Auto scene is the closest parallel. It's great if you have a 'trailer queen' just like a 'safe queen' more power to you. However, reality is I doubt that 1969 Porsche has Original Tires, Brakes, etc. Franken's have started showing up at Red Bar and other GTG's. I say bring it on! Be honest and transparent about it, and you will probably make some new friends. If you encounter someone who thinks you MUST buy a rusty $800 NOS Mainspring, or $500 'brittle' non-water resistant Tropic 29 vs a Clarke $20 NEW Mainspring or $12 replacement Tropic 29...agree to disagree. I think the Rolex craze and shortage is helping to bring more acceptance. At least in WIS circles I run in.
  16. Came across this posting from Angus (PT). GMF, NOOB, and V6 have been mainstays over the years. Thoughts? "April 28, 2021 As you may know there was a severe raid in the replica watch industry, it is the biggest raid we have ever seen so far, many factories / makers stopped delivering and we had to relocate our QC and Shipping deprtments for safety reasons. We decide to stop taking new orders until most makers are back to work. 80% of the watch makers are not working and we still have some pending orders to ship, we will arrange as soon as the makers start to deliver again, sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. Here is the delivery availability of the major makers: Closed and probably not opening again: GMF, TBF, NOOB, V6F, V9F, JBF, Green Maker; Closed and will reopen: AR, JF, VS, XF, VRF, KZF, OXF; Available for delivery: EW, ZF, GF."
  17. I don’t want to speak for Nanuq. But, I think what he is saying is if you think Phong is tough to work with, MQ is is tough and of lessor quality. If you have high expectations, or expect customer service, on par with Amazon/Wal-Mart or eBay you may need to recalibrate your expectations. These guys don’t chit chat, educate, or answer more than one question. You take the risk / GAMBLE that you will get what you want. If you want a 6542, that still won’t fool a VRF/TRF or RWG guru, that is the closest to Genuine, 10x5 powered,be prepared to gamble $7000 with Phong. Simple as that. If you want something turn-key, and done right, I doubt you will find it or be satisfied. That is why most of here have taken the DIY approach and/or learned enough watchmaking to correct/finish/fix the final details. ...again the last thing you want to do is send these guys paragraphs of txt., or a large list of questions. Give them simple marching orders, cross your fingers, hope for the best, and be prepared to fix something on your own.
  18. Yep. Sounds right. My last international watch order hit the USA and took a full 7 days after clearing customs. Google: US Post Office Slowdowns. Sigh...😞 We were still receiving Christmas cards in February! And I am in a major metropolitan US city.
  19. Short answer = yes. What country are you in? Many TD's stopped using DHL. Also, the USPS is a $hit show these days thanks to politics.
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