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  1. They are not interchangeable so stick with the matching movement to what is in your case now. The movements are virtually identical with the exception of the added day wheel on the 2836. The accompanying extra mechanisms to drive it increase the front side thickness of the movement. So when cased the stem position will not line up correctly.
  2. Very nice. Great to have a piece with some history. My dad was a clock guy so I have to start the watch thing for my kids....I think I have a good start
  3. +1. Ideally the length of the stem coupled with the crown travel to de-clutch from the stem would prevent this from happening. However, in the case of most automatics it is not possible to over wind so it really is not an issue. I would not worry about it.
  4. Yup. Need to see the movement. Based on the stem it looks likely to be a DG movement (aka 21j) but not sure. Post up and we can help.
  5. Never been much of a Kawi guy but the H2 is impressive. Enjoy AJ....and be careful
  6. Easiest tell with the exception of a few super clones that are out there is the balance jewel retainer housing. The housing on the ETA has 3 relief cut outs to insert/remove the balance jewel cap retainer. The clone only has one. In 99% of cases this can be used to identify quickly if it is gen or not.
  7. If it were possible I think we would have seen a great rep of the Tudor Heritage Chrono since it would be the reverse swap as described. Quite sure there are a number of dimensional differences that prevent such a swap. Sub dials, thickness, crown position, etc.
  8. Very shocked and sad to hear. He was always great to chat with and very helpful. He was the fuel to my fire when I started out wanting to work on my own watches. In a way, without him, I would not be where I am, horologically speaking. My thoughts and best wishes to his family.
  9. Should be able to sort it out for you. Especially with a new crown and tube in hand. Hopefully the tube will fit the case without much difficulty. Not sure I have heard of anyone yet upgrading those parts.
  10. Very nice indeed. Well done.
  11. Looks like it's wedged in pretty good in the third shot. I will help get it out of there
  12. Happy Birthday krpster!

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