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  1. Seiko Pepsi diver on a new custom strap: Nikon D3 with Nikon 85mm f/1.8D+PK-13 27.5mm Extension Tube: ISO 800 1/25s ƒ/5.6
  2. Today's choice, it's running great after a service by @Dawagner
  3. Local member @Dawagner has stepped up to take a look at the watch and do a CLA.
  4. Specs as reported: Modded Silix Big crown case HR 6200 Dial TC Min & HR hand (gold plated to go with gilt dial) Tiger concept 2.05mm ball sec hand Athaya v2 8mm crown + stem adapter Swiss ETA 2879
  5. I've got a few Seikos in my collection, I thought I'd share some shots of my humble Seikos.
  6. I won a big crown in a raffle late last year and after a snafu even getting the watch to arrive (postal problems), it did arrive; and I have been having problems with it since the first time I wore it. It has been sitting for a while as I try to find someone to service the watch, but that has been fruitless to date. If anyone has a suggestion on where to go to get this repaired, I'm all ears. When I screw down the crown the second hand of the watch will do one of four things: 1) Run backwards and then stop 2) Tick at the same spot ad infinitum 3) Run normally and then 2 4) Run normally There is also an audible click when I screw the crown down past a certain point.
  7. Nikon D3 with Tamron 90mm ƒ/2.8 Macro: ISO 400 1/100s ƒ/8
  8. I wore this piece today:
  9. I wore this piece again today:
  10. Quick cellphone shot of a modded Seiko:
  11. Nicely done, I have 3 modded Seikos and they're fantastic watches - too bad I didn't do any of the work.
  12. Today is the first day I'm rocking the StoneP big crown piece on I won in the raffle. This seems like a gateway drug to vintage Rollie parts-watches/frankens. I may need to seek out advice from more experienced folks on how to improve this one.