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  1. Rolex Asia Rep/Swap in ETA 2836

  2. Hi all, not sure if i'm posting in the right area but here's my dilemma. Just bought a Rolex everose chocolate asia rep as i could not find a real ETA movement version, i wish to swap in a real ETA 2836-2 movement out of a highend NOS Sandoz, the DAYDATE is the same as a 2834 which is identical to the 2836 except for the DAY wheel complication. Is there anyone in the US that could do this for me, i live in NYC and have been to many of the repair shops in Chinatown and no one will touch it due to it being a rep. Also i did find a replacement ETA DAY wheel on EBAY but was holding off to see if the asia DAY wheel will fit the ETA movement. I would like to give this as a belated mothers day gift when my mum visits from England in the middle of May. Hoping you guys can help. Thanks
  3. Rolex DayDate Rose Gold/Coffee Dail Ruby

    Sorry it is not a Day-Date II. It is a Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Everose Gold 36mm
  4. Hi Guys, i'm looking for a midsize Rolex of a particular color combination for my girlfriend. Not the OG of course. Here's a pick of exactly the model i'm looking for. Thanks
  5. Looking for new model lady daydate

    Hi guys, i'm looking for the new lady daydate model 118235, its 38mm, all pink gold with diamond markers with ruby markers at 6 and 9 position, dail is brown. Anyone selling a good rep yet?
  6. Orig. Tag 2000 Professional Chrono - Broken Crown

    Thanks Nikki6, I still haven't really got round to repairing this one yet (wearing my Sinn 103 in the meantime) however took another look at it and kinda fixed it. Realized that the tube is in two parts, 3/4 the way up the tube is a groove, grabbing the top 1/4 i began to turn it anti-clockwise thus unscrewing it from the bottom part, great! Secondly i pulled on it, this stopped the watch, after much fiddling i realized i could not put the crown back on with the internal tube spring in place so i eventually gave up trying and tried screwing down the crown without the spring. Viola! the crown screws down! I now have a watch i can wear, albeit without the full functionality of the chronograph, unfortunately when i push the buttons they act as if i am trying to reset them (like when they don't return to the normal positions after using the stopwatch). It will probably require a real watch repair man to really fix this now as the crown is now on and will no longer come off, i'm thinking the stem probably needs to be grabbed from inside the case to twist off the crown to fit the spring. For now i'll just wait till the battery needs to be changed and have it looked at then. Thanks for your advice (and other members) it inspired me to tackle the problem again. My humble collection:
  7. Hi All, First posting in the Tag Forum. I own an Orig. TAG 2000 Professional Chrono. which has an issue with the crown. It seems to have separated from the stem, i'm not sure if any parts have been lost but i don't think so. The stem can be seen and is almost flush with the top of the tube, the spring is also present and slides over the stem inside the tube. The crown is completely hollow inside and so small that it is hard to see if there are threads inside for the screw-down feature. Question is, can this be fixed by anyone inside this forum as i really don't have the funds to send it into TAG again, watch had a similar issue once before and cost $$$ to repair due to water getting inside and corroding the hands. BTW it is a quartz mov'mt. Pics. attached (macbook, so not great quality) Thanks in Advance.
  8. EE 6263

    I am new to the 6263 but have ordered this one http://www.replicawatch88.com/index.php?productID=411&picture_id=499156 and now having doubts, does this bezel look acrylic coated to you, also is it possible a dial from a 7750 would fit the venus movt. as i see the Rolex etc. font is too big and the lume at 6 is missing. Thanks
  9. Best Black Dail TT SUB?

    Hi All, This is my first post. I recently bought a Omega Speedmaster Professional from Ruby @ NiceReplica.com based on the reviews on this site (still waiting on delivery), Now i have my favorite watch i am looking to buy a Black Two Tone Submariner for my brother (his favorite) The WM9 v2 review by By-Tor is great but i am unclear as to which is the best of the TT replicas. It does seem to be the 14k which is favored, i would like to know which manufacturer and seller. Lastly, what are the prices for the very best and the replicas that come a close second (as i might not be able to go the whole hog). Just to clarify, I am looking for BLACK and GOLD, not BLUE. Thanks