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  1. definatly the first one! The second one, you will see the attched crown at "6"...
  2. Domi did an amazing Job again....
  3. http://www.puretime.co/product/pam243-l-noob-maker-11-ultimate-edition-on-rubber-strap-v2-a7750-free-strap-tool/
  4. is the same datewheel (noob), but Domi need to modify the E7753 to get it work
  5. changed the A7753 to E7753, well done Domi!!!! Thank you again
  6. Puretime is the way to go!!
  7. Pam 243, Pam 111, Pam 029 and the new Daylight 326!! Get them all Bro!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. take it!!! the noob-version is awesome!!
  9. here is my BK DSSD with OEM Dial and Domis new AR Service, you can only smell the crystal. Absolutly stunning his work!!!
  10. hope, the correctet N-Version comes up again soon¡¡¡ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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