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  1. Legendary! Thanks for bringing this to the community. I’ll need to get a 1030 set.
  2. You definitely need to do a yard sale here Also, Rolex movements are now being reliably replicated (4130, 3135) and conceivably Rolex’s NPFY possibly is already backfiring. Someone will come fill the void legally or illegally.
  3. That looks very nice. Looks very different without sub hands. Wear it well.
  4. mir36


    this is a test post
  5. For the 116520 (steel bezel) shouldn’t the subdial tracks be silver? This one looks black. The XET spacing looks good though.
  6. @automatico, when you switch from 15xx to ETA, did you clip the dial feet and use stickers?
  7. Thanks @sputim, I’m in for: 10x2mm 10x1.9mm
  8. Super helpful. Thanks @automatico!!!
  9. While we’re on the topic of 5513’s, does anyone know the thickness of the mid-case, sans the caseback and bezel ‘lip’ ? Did the case thickness stay constant throughout the model from the 60’s to the early 80’s?
  10. Cool project. Did you already get your Ruby case? I’d be interested to see the crown positioning. I got Ruby’s PCG a few months back and was frustrated to see the crown position as low. I can still salvage it with some filing, but was expecting better at that price point.
  11. Very sad to hear this. RIP Rolf. Your creations brought me joy. Absolute end of an era.
  12. I use an ultra fine grade 3M sanding sponge to get the matt faded finish. Start lightly and keep going until you get the desired effect. I’m useless with measuring the right amount of bleach to use, so I always go with the sponge. Just picked up my two inserts today. They are sweet! Thanks again K.
  13. I have a contact for Tonney’s case supplier (pm me if you’re interested). I didn’t order anything, but the guy was responsive. A few folks here have dealt with him, so better wait for them to chime in with any recent experiences (if any).
  14. 1655 was never on my radar, but your journey thread is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a fantastic build.
  15. mir36

    Black 1016

    Nice. Is the engraving between the lugs still visible after the coat is applied?
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