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  1. I purchased a 5513 PCG case a few years ago from Ruby and the case still sits in my drawer because I was unhappy with the crown height being low. I had a nagging feeling it was actually and overpriced MBW case I was sold. Here’s a pic of my case with reference PCG cases for comparison. I recently saw a sales post at RWI for a Ruby 1665 case. The crown height position made me cringe. Ruby 1665 - recent sales post over at RWI. The crown position is scandalously low. Phong 1665 - Photo from an old Tripdog post at RWI. Correct crown height. I’m curious if anyone else had noticed the low crown height positioning with Ruby cases? It seems hit and miss.
  2. Thank you gents! I suspected JKF, but the crown positioning was absolutely throwing me off in the pics. Looked higher than lower, to my poor eyes.
  3. Better pics here. From this angle the caseback looks engraved, not laser etched. Crown profile Better shots of case profile: HEV side last pic I haven’t seen the watch in person. But I might have to depending on your feedback.
  4. mir36


    How do I post pics
  5. Question to our esteemed experts. I’ve been offered this 1665 build locally for a reasonable price. Seller says his father built it (any of you guys? ) . I’m struggling to determine whether this is a cartel rep or something better. Looking at the crown position and cg stubbiness, I couldn’t tell if this case is cartel or Vietnamese . Appreciate any help. Thank you. PS: I couldn’t for the life of me post proper pics using BBCode. What’s the right way?
  6. mir36

    Thank you.

    Very well done. Congratulations. I hope your daughter cherishes your gift.
  7. Great tip on drilling holes on the powermatic movements to fit gen spec dials. I hate having to cut dial feet. 👍 Also thank you @automatico, always appreciate the deep experience you share in your post. 🙏
  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing this. A lot easier to read and more collegial than the 150 pages one usually has to go through in RWI.
  9. I’m planning to do the same for my project. I ordered two handsets from Slay. I plan to remove the white paint on one of the seconds hand. Thinner except for the lollipop, I’ll likely do some light sanding to try to retain the lume.
  10. Great to see these amazing hands on builds. I’m absolutely inspired! Please check your inbox Slay
  11. Legendary! Thanks for bringing this to the community. I’ll need to get a 1030 set.
  12. You definitely need to do a yard sale here Also, Rolex movements are now being reliably replicated (4130, 3135) and conceivably Rolex’s NPFY possibly is already backfiring. Someone will come fill the void legally or illegally.
  13. That looks very nice. Looks very different without sub hands. Wear it well.
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