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  1. Making a 1016 Case

    Agree. Justin’s cases are amazing. Hoping to complete more 1016 projects in 2018! Agree. Justin’s cases are amazing. Hoping to complete more 1016 projects in 2018!
  2. Rolex 6263 Black PN. Yet an other beauty...

    Love all your projects. Pure inspiration. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    5513-less at the moment, but may my 5517 play?
  4. @higho thanks for sharing the knowledge as always. The tip about the "rear profile" is especially helpful, as I plan to treat myself to a gen vintage sub soon.
  5. I'm just getting caught up with all your build threads. Amazing.
  6. Hallelujah. After salivating over your recent Daytona builds, I was going to send you a 'how to?' mail myself. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Simply AWESOME!!!
  7. Rolex 6538 - Beginner treat

    Thank you sir, for again showing what can be achieved with creativity and persistence!
  8. An observation:

    So true. You've let the cat out of the bag.
  9. My new 5513 with lot of Mods.

    Nice work! Absolutely love old school step-by-step build threads. Congratulations!
  10. The case is an old school MBW
  11. Try Rafflestime for hands as well. I used them for my modern milsubC project. Note how the minutes hand does not touch the minute track. The published measurements are 8.5/12/12.5mm, which I have not verified. On my 5517, note how the minute hand (source unknown) almost touches the rehaut: Of course the 114060 and 5517 dials probably have different diameters, but I just wanted to show you how the minute hand affects the look. Hope this helps.
  12. Yup, "high" towards the dial. The 15xx case is for a movement with date, so I knew I needed a thicker movement. I'll try it out with a 2836 later and report back. Your cases are awesome!
  13. I actually contemplated going with a gen 15xx case, since I had one on hand. Your case on left, gen 15xx on right: I wish I took a pic of the Tonney dial inside the 15xx. It fit just fine. I just couldn't make it work because I didn't have the right movement, my 2824 didn't line up to the crown position. Any tips on what I can do with the 15xx?
  14. 'Base' 114060 Submariner

    Sometimes accidents work out just nicely. I was working on a 114060 build based on an old noob sub-date Vx (can't remember), removing the date function from an A2824 and re-assembling the watch. To make a long story short, i have cheap hand removers, and the seconds hand must have been on very tight on the pinion... I destroyed the seconds hand while trying to pull it off. So for now, I'm gonna live with my 'base' sub (Panerai-speak for time-pieces with only the hour and minute hands). Thanks for looking!