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  1. Friday Wristies

    PAM 1950 today lol....this have been my daily beater for weeks now!!
  2. Or is it a Bentley?..... Having so much fun with this thing!
  3. Breitling Emergency (of sorts) today!
  4. Happy Birthday Wayward!

  5. Happy Birthday Wayward!

  6. SMP Chrono today but photo not working
  7. Nice work!
  8. +1 on sourcing a more accurate base watch.
  9. Result!!
  10. SMP for Sunday...
  11. Hi Guys Am in need of some replacement hands for my recently serviced A7750 SMP chrono V2. Anyone know which dealer is best for ordering parts from? Thanks.
  12. Gen...I have the same version.
  13. Who is offering the PO with an Asian 2892?
  14. Closed factory 2254.50 this week...
  15. Just concentrate on getting one with the Omega symbol in the correct place, the pearl can simply be pushed down to the correct level with your thumbnail on the 5th gens.