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  1. Old topic but hope you also have specs about the 312/359 crystal size. Your PM box was full
  2. Great read about all great guys! Feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside after reading this ;-)
  3. Think in the past someone already did something simular but now spent a half hour on this and I like it Clasp was scratched so now used a dremel and scotch pad and repolished the sides ;-)
  4. Nice! But I hear if not already most TD's can get you the correct caseback for little money or free of charge (Hope I didn't kill the vibe but there is a spelling error on the back ;-) Gertifie
  5. Movement pic Case contruction is different too it seems so no fixing the bezel screws
  6. Its a 24hrs hand it seems hehe. But it works ;-) Ah I see now on the gen its the running seconds. Hmz haha
  7. Neither am I but it is solidly made and no tells its a quartz as there are no running seconds and the 7750 version is 300usd more or so
  8. AP doesnt stick their logo on crooked ;-)
  9. Looks gen to me but this might help: Best way too tell is looking at the closed clasp and the square if that is crisp
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