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  1. Something from oz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Great pics. Especially the gravity- errrr. But this is the AP thread[emoji39] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I waited a month to receive this- Merry Christmas [emoji319] And another in Color lol
  4. Totally banned in Australia and available at our local weekend variety market. Then so are rep's of clothing, shoes, bags and the worst and overpriced reps. Funny how a lot of places sell those laser house decorations......
  5. This is one I will watch with great interest , as I have been waiting since the start of Dec. For the new full. Ceramic Ap44roo all black .Every dealer said yep stock is 4 Days. So went with toz, and bought a few specials . All still held up because JF hasn't supplied. So yeH , twist on your experience And I pay Western Union .Toro will come through, perhaps choose a great Ap 15200, blue dial. But hell I'm AP addicted .Btw he has assured me I will have it all before Chinese New Year , which is when we all hang for supply. Regards TST
  6. Coool- i'd have thought Red- no go- but that daylight shot kills it, Gawd I'm waitin on supply of the full ceramic version, to put a black saffiano on it, magic.
  7. Aussie mates cant seeem to get their Don on at the moment from the factories.............hi................ollo
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