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  1. One thing is for sure, I know my MBW vintage watches, heck i have had a few, and modded more, and that has never ever even remotely ever been an MBW, heck it's prolly never met an MBW nevermind been one. This is shoking, if you sent him and MBW from Maria, then he has switched it for this, cos it's a TW best at best. Edge
  2. I have a set of parts for the 111h, case, hands, everything that I can sell you for pretty cheap to practice on, that way you can play about till your heart's content. I can through in a movement to see about playing with that as well. Movement surrently not working well, but hey it will do. PM me if you are keen on any of the parts. Edge
  3. Any "servicing" offers from dealers, are to be taken with a pinch of salt. The dealers in question don't even get the watches in hand before they are shipped to you, so how exactly are they ensuring servicing? How can a dropshipper oversee servicing? They Can't, and anyone who believes this is actually happening, needs to be educated as to the truth. Sorry, but this is true, plain and simple, they will either plain lie to you, "yeh it's fully serviced yada yada" or best case, they think it's getting serviced, costing them less than $10 and in fact the guy who is doing it, who is in another
  4. Very nice, you either need gen hands or to age the hands you have in accordance with the dial. I would like to see an acrylic pearl, and a gen insert, you have a great watch, wear it well. Edge
  5. So you are alexander graham bell, who is Marconi? hahahaha
  6. Am I the only one asking what affiliation you have to this company? Looks like advertising to me?? These watches are HORRIBLE!
  7. Hey no taking the [censored] out of THE knight of the realm. lol, though the orange PO would be a hoot.
  8. I have some parts/watches/bracelet/strap sales going. Help me fund a new project, and get a great deal on some great pieces. Oh and YES, my much coveted MBW 1680 is going up for sale. Case Set for Rolex Toscana Marina II Rolex Bracelet's Citizen EcoDrive Pam 047 Rad Chrono, Ziggified Asian PO, Black with white Numerals Edge
  9. I too want to call for some calm in this matter. it is finished, I have left and Klink is gone from the staff. i am sad that there was name calling and suchlike involved, and that it got messy. Tim has been fed a lot of bullsh*t by Klink, and it must be very tough for him. I understand that he has to way up the pro's and con's and am glad that he has taken action. I have never done anything, nor will i ever do anything to the detriment of this community, I actually fight to try and make it closer, not tear it apart. I have been the biggest advocate of a united community, as if we s
  10. Her eis my parting message from RWI, I have become tired of the rubbish that is going on and have decided to leave, this is unfortunate, however we all have to move on. will we do a countdown to it's removal?? HERE!!!
  11. Edge

    Online shop

    I can't afford you lol.
  12. I heard it on the grapevine that he is sufficiently innundated with business and overstretching himself that it has become a convenient time to...... "get sick".... I am under the impression he is "Ill" again.
  13. Edge

    Online shop

    I would recommend OScommerce, ZenCart or CubeCart, all are excellent, and are easily integrateable into your web hosting etc. They allow for almost complete redesign of the entire package, and most have a support forum which allows for easy redevlopment and support. Many containing vast numbers of advanced and experienced users. PM for YOU!. As I have told Dani in PM, I own and operate a web design and hosting company who offer in built solutions, if you wish further information please contact me. If the mod/admin deem this as innapropriate advertising etc. please feel free to r
  14. Fair, and what inevitably i was looking for. Can't say much else. As long as my main concern is addressed I am appeased. That was that the control of all sales to fall under the remit of the board staff where they could be scritinised and moderated. Finally some closure on the matter. i appreciate the staff taking the time to consider this and i for one am more than satisfied with the outcome. I know that some may be disappointed but the main issue has been covered and at the end of the day as long as we can prevent this from happening again, and try to protect the future of the communit
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