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  1. Perfect, It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks. I have of course found those hands. But I expected a thinner model, silver ones partially painted in white. I guess I will need to do some painting,
  3. Hello, I have lost one of the 3 small subdials of my 6263 Daytona (with 7750 movement). Who could help me to find a replacement ? I searched the entire web without success.... Thanks
  4. I only have eBay transactions, mostly as a buyer. Is EBay a good place to sell movements? I have no idea of the break even price for new Eta movements. Especially the highest grade ones. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a proposal for 10 new ETA 7750, "chronometer grade". As I only need one or two, I was wondering if selling the remaining items will be easy. One piece is sold about 320USD. So if I ask 350USD with an insured shipment to get rid of the 8 remaining movements, do you think they will go fast ? Cheers !
  6. DW dit it onec for me. But did he totally disapeared ?
  7. Thanks. I hust asked him if he can sell an insert. Currently, I can see only a full bezel for 225USD.
  8. Hello, The acrylic insert of my DW 6263 bezel just cracked. I cannot find David anywhere. Do you know where could I find a replacement insert ? Cheers !
  9. Adrian just answered: he only has 702 and 700 crowns. CousinsUK sells generic Rolex parts, swiss made, but pretty expensive for my build.
  10. Hello, I have a DW 6263 with a 7750 movement which is awsome. But I need to replace the tube and the crown (preferably a sterile crown, as may dial is also a custom design). I bought a 7mm set on the net, but the thread of the tube does not match the case. Do you know where I could find a decent (and cheap) set ? Thanks ! =
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