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  1. What is toros website again? And how much is this version of his?
  2. The Admin kindly requested that we not post in this thread
  3. Here are some shots of mine for reference. Yours look very fat and puffy.
  4. Any chance that you can post your friends pictures as reference or verify that you can tell it is a noob v7. It looks very tight with no gap where the SEL is.
  5. How much do you have invested in that beauty? It is very nice.
  6. I use him often as well and for some reason he isn't a TD here. Does anyone know why not?
  7. Did you ever get ahold of your watch guy UBI? I would love the perfect YM still. For some reason it's always been my favorite. I am watching an EL version right now.
  8. I can't seem to add pictures...if someone can...it would help... mine are all exceeding the space
  9. Which one looks better? I am buying one of the two. Which dealers have the best one?
  10. Thanks. I am sure it will look great... I tried looking up the old post: "Gauging interest..." and couldn't find it. Keep us all posted... As last time, I am still in for one..as I am sure MANY others are... It's been a much needed item in the replica world... You DA MAN!! UBI!!
  11. I have been off of RWG for a while due to traveling. Did the Yachtmaster dial get made? He had it with a watchmaker to make a custom dial similar to the genuine?? Very curious
  12. Just checking in... Still VERY excited about the new dial... how is it going?
  13. Take your time UBI. take as much time as you need. We are all excited for the final results to come in. Thanks again
  14. Guys I am just excited and THRILLED at this coming... UBI is the man... The Yachtmaster is my favorite watch. I love it and am thrilled to see the outcome... Hippp Hipp Hoorrahhh for UBI!!
  15. Can we please get some STATUS now UBI??? You said October 20th, they would be done... What's the word... i am desperate..I need one badly!!
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