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  1. Lost my VIP and of course my inbox is beyond capacity so I can't PM you, admin.
  2. no hint of that blue AR? which dealer?
  3. I can't even PM you. My inbox is way beyond limit without the membership
  4. Unfortunately you won't be able to remove the crystal without removing the movement from the case, so no, you can't do it from the front. Since it would seem you haven't opened a watch before I'd NOT recommend you follow this procedure because with a 7750 movement a lot of things can go wrong if you are not experienced. The sequence would be something like this: - you will need to remove the caseback - remove screws/tabs that hold the movement to the case - remove the stem - carefully take the movement/dial from the case - get a low strength glue like a Loctite Threadlocker 222 to glue the numeral back into the dial - Let it dry under a dust cover making sure dust doesn't get into the case either. - Reverse the process The glue alone will cost you (let alone the other tools, gloves, etc.). I'd suggest you find someone that can do it for you.
  5. I love mine but that blue AR bugs me a lot. I'm considering having the AR redone if I get a good supplier with colorless coating.
  6. the new Nautilus on bracelet are more accurate than the AP RO. Both of course fail on the movement with open caseback but who looks at those anyway. The crystal on the Nautilus seems to be a little more clear than the RO. I'm thinking about single AR for mine.
  7. thanks for the link. Interesting tourbillon design
  8. the watch is not full Ti. The mid case is SS so the thing is heavy as hell. I wish they made a full Ti version.
  9. I bet it's a sales person at Tourneau
  10. I can't find it but it's a very involved process. You have to disassemble the clasp being careful on how you pull it out. There are two small springs under the clasp fine adjustment bar that have to be replaced so the hold is stronger. I used the spring inside the mini Bic lighters (the mini, the regular one is too thick).
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