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  1. Guys, I ordered a 7206 from Ruby a long while ago. I wanted to try it out yesterday and noted that it doesn't take gen 2mm springbars. Anyone else who has this issue? They try to create a 7206 but they don't fit gen springbars?
  2. Silver dial, he's still working on it. What's everyone's experience with a Ruby 6263 and gen 571 endlinks?
  3. Quick update! What I gathered so far: 1. Valjoux 72 movement, fully serviced. Might sell and buy a V726. 2. Ruby 6263 case => ISSUES, read below 3. gen hands 4. gen crown & pushers 5. gen dome crystal 6. gen bracelet 7. Dark Lord dial => awaiting this Issues: I have a 78350 19 bracelet with 571 endlinks, they just don't fit the Ruby case, one sits well between the lugs but how it touches the case is really bad, the other one doesn't fit well between the lugs (I really need to push it between the lugs), both have horrible fitting at the case. Anyone who has experience with using a Ruby case and gen 571 endlinks? Thanks.
  4. Yep, that is correct, 5512 PCG's are slightly thinner. No idea on the exact height.
  5. small update, case will be sent to a laserwelder, so step one has been taken!
  6. Congrats buddy! That is a beauty!
  7. it's a looker so it makes sense! 😀
  8. Well, a lot... I was able to buy a 6263 T SWISS T dial 2y ago for 6k USD I think. I've inquired to a few guys I know and a service dial is going around 6k €, I've had 2 prices of 18.5k € and even 38k €... Offcourse for NOS dials. Great projects! I was able to get a set of gen parts (T21, P302 pushers, crown, tube, all hands) at a great price so going with them. But to me the pushers of MQ and Phong look great vs gen and seem to a better alternative vs cousins. Although cousins is cheap offcourse. It all depends on how close you want to get your build I guess? I prefer the original look with P301 MKII pushers for my build and would consider the Phong/MQ ones. I do have gen P302's for now though. These are interesting builds, hehe.
  9. Thanks! That's interesting info!
  10. Congrats, a beauty, love the patina.
  11. That is correct, it's not completely as gen. But mods that have been done before by @Turbo350z are: BP case drilled spring bars Gen xtal Gen bezel assembly Gen insert Gen crown Gen dial Gen hands Gen date wheel Gen 93160 Yuki movement So I guess it's close to gen construction.
  12. my guy doesn't work on reps I have heard there are good workshops in Hungary but I don't speak Hungarian. Maybe someone else could help with that? Would be great to have a welder working on reps.
  13. I'd do it as a project for myself but wouldn't make 10 of these... I was thinking about it as it can be quite accurate and relatively low cost. I'll work on my 6263 project first (sample stage for the bezel and dial). And will read/search more for this project during the 6263 project.
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