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  1. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Today we received these photos from our customer Zocker: Order the datewheels from http://www.omegadatewheel.com
  2. mate

    for you is possible help me?

    i have see last year you sell one dial original for Ap don ramon de la cruz 

    i want buy one...

    and i want other part at same as strap brown and tachimeter ring and bezel all o

    for you is possible help me?

    please contact me to my email orologiomagico@gmail.com


    i wait you 

  3. 1957 Speedmaster, Seamaster, Rail masters Trilogy...

    If this is the 1st post about the Trilogy, then I'm amazed. I've handled them at the fair and my god, they are amazing. Being a vintage guy myself I think this is a stunning release by Omega.
  4. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Hey guys, Just logged back in. I have been away for Baselworld & holiday and I'm currently back. The datewheels are packed and ready to ship. If you have any other questions, feel free to post. Thanks a lot! The "OMEGA" datewheel team!
  5. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Thanks buddy! Collaboration between @Legend and @edgematic1 AP veterans for the win
  6. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    The datewheels have finally arrived! Pics: Some iphone shots, will be packed in a plastic box as pictured: The datewheels look amazing. Printing quality is what you'd expect from a Swiss made part.
  7. I feel you and you are right, however, it's a fun thing, I like doing it and it's not like I want it to be my main job. I'd prefer to sell to the fora only tbh. I could not find any strapmaker meet my requirements so went for it myself.
  8. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Time for an update. Due to the manufacturers busy schedule, holiday etc. production took a little longer than expected. The datewheels are on their way from Switzerland! I'll update asap with more info and photos. Thanks all!
  9. Apart from the shell cordovan horween offers I feel their leathers are not refined enough for high quality straps. They won't get near let's say a Hermes strap. Which is what I'm trying to get to. I love the shell cordovan they offer. Hard to get due to low quantities.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated. As for pricing, calf and buffalo should be €85, ostrich €120 and alligator €200. I am well aware of the asian strapmakers at cheap prices. Yet, those leathers are not sourced in France or Italy, often not the best part of the hide is being used, mostly machined instead of hand stitched etc. There are exceptions but overall i feel the leather quality is way below the top quality available from European tanneries. I mainly started these because for example straps from Hodinkee or Bulang (both from Menicucci) are overpriced vs their quality. They look cool, don't get me wrong but the quality is not what I'd expect at that price point. I'll think it through very well. If I'm selling it will be in small quantities, it's not my daily job and I like the fact that they're not widely available.
  11. Thanks buddy. Concerning the BP FF I have in mind to make a gummy alligator strap. For now I won't sell nor take orders. It's a thought of making a business out of it and offcourse I'd need a market. Everything has to be legit when I start it up.
  12. Daytona Basel World 2016, suggested mods?

    I'd do this: Noob bezel & dial, JF case, BP bracelet The bezel of the noob is better than JF but not perfect.
  13. Hey guys, I've been working for quite some time on this and finally had the chance to post some photos of my straps. I'm able to deliver straps for your timepieces. My main inspiration were the straps from Hermes. As you will probably notice. Here are some finished ones. This is a thread just to get a feeling if there would be any interest. My aim is to offer high quality straps only. Almost every type of skin is available, with Elephant being the most expensive one. I have not produced any buckles yet as I'm still undecided to start selling straps or not. Let me know your thoughts and if you'd be interested or not. The straps are all 100% hand made. Thanks. 1. Calf leather, cognac, will age beautifully 2. Etoupe, calf skin 3. Buffalo skin, honey color 4. Ostrich skin, dark brown 5. Alligator leather, grey Some straps upon request and other finished ones: