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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated. As for pricing, calf and buffalo should be €85, ostrich €120 and alligator €200. I am well aware of the asian strapmakers at cheap prices. Yet, those leathers are not sourced in France or Italy, often not the best part of the hide is being used, mostly machined instead of hand stitched etc. There are exceptions but overall i feel the leather quality is way below the top quality available from European tanneries. I mainly started these because for example straps from Hodinkee or Bulang (both from Menicucci) are overpriced vs their quality. They look cool, don't get me wrong but the quality is not what I'd expect at that price point. I'll think it through very well. If I'm selling it will be in small quantities, it's not my daily job and I like the fact that they're not widely available.
  2. Thanks buddy. Concerning the BP FF I have in mind to make a gummy alligator strap. For now I won't sell nor take orders. It's a thought of making a business out of it and offcourse I'd need a market. Everything has to be legit when I start it up.
  3. I'd do this: Noob bezel & dial, JF case, BP bracelet The bezel of the noob is better than JF but not perfect.
  4. Hey guys, I've been working for quite some time on this and finally had the chance to post some photos of my straps. I'm able to deliver straps for your timepieces. My main inspiration were the straps from Hermes. As you will probably notice. Here are some finished ones. This is a thread just to get a feeling if there would be any interest. My aim is to offer high quality straps only. Almost every type of skin is available, with Elephant being the most expensive one. I have not produced any buckles yet as I'm still undecided to start selling straps or not. Let me know your thoughts and if you'd be interested or not. The straps are all 100% hand made. Thanks. 1. Calf leather, cognac, will age beautifully 2. Etoupe, calf skin 3. Buffalo skin, honey color 4. Ostrich skin, dark brown 5. Alligator leather, grey Some straps upon request and other finished ones:
  5. Hey guys, From what I hear my dealer says the BR03-88 is out of stock. If you know a dealer that might have these in stock, let me know! I'm fond of the tool look of that watch so if anyone wants to sell his, let me know. Thanks!
  6. thanks for the help guys!
  7. Thanks guys. I'm using a 1530 cal. Will search for a correct hand.
  8. Hey guys, I'm at my final stage of building my franken. I've bought some gen hands which were lumed to match the dial. While I'm trying to install the hands a problem occured. I don't seem to be able to install the minute hand. Here a few photos, what's wrong, what am I doing wrong? Many thanks for your input. without hour hand:
  9. The 44mm franken can use the black dw yes. It's not for the 7750 movement.
  10. Hey gents, Short little update. Orders have been placed at the manufacturer in Switzerland. ETA is approximately the beginning of January. If all goes well it might even be around Christmas. We'll keep you posted accordingly! First batch will be: - white (ivory) background with black font - black background with white font (for the diver etc.) We're getting there!
  11. I can vouch for him too. Great guy. I'd go for a 1530cal.