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  1. Change my mind. Trying to wear rolex
  2. Happy Birthday ddebo!

  3. Happy Birthday ddebo!

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  5. Oh, pics made me crazy....fantastic
  6. Hello RWG~ i am wondering whether there are clear difference between gen and rep dial especially tobacco brown dials such as 56, 61 long time ago, when i caught 02 genuine dial, i noticed there was clear different finishing.... in these days, much of hand wind pam quality is mother father great........but i think still they have some difference.. when i wore 056, i felt LUMINOR PANERAI font was a bit thin....just feeling? or real? based on 02 dial, yes, that is definitely thin.... but i want to know the difference , gen tobacco dial Vs rep anyone help me? thank you so much cheers, ddebo
  7. Let me in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. finally, i think i find right place to ask.... i am really wondering if i can try this...
  9. i think it is hard to get bracelet separately....soon if possbile, i will get and exchage that for my 3717..
  10. what a beautiful navitimer... could i know the status ?
  11. Hello RWG~ i am really wondering how to exchange case. i got better case than current one. i want to remove outer ceramic case, that will be exchanged new one. If stem tube and chrono button will be pulled out, it looks be separated but, i have no idea Could you teach me if you know that? cheers ddebo
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