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  1. Its a pretty hit or miss proposition if you get one from him. Years ago, I bought 3 and from those 3 was able to piece together 1 working watch.
  2. Seriously. If I could do this, I would. I am not worthy! PM me if you ever decide to sell it or ever are able to build another one.
  3. If anyone has another stem I would be extremely grateful
  4. Well, Looks like its not a screaming deal just a decent one. Still a pretty cool watch to wear around for awhile.
  5. I"m pretty sure its the 40mm one (as the hands on the 44mm one are different) so that might explain the thin Crown?
  6. I paid $3,800. So its a gamble. I do have recourse if its not real though. Just curious as the caseback engraving looks really good and so does the crystal and the dial printing. The CP looks perfectly flush and the date mag looks gen too. I guess I didn't notice the Crown being thin.....
  7. So I bought this watch based off these pictures and while everything to me looks good curious what everyone else thinks.
  8. Its a gen ladies watch. Its just overpriced
  9. I'm crushed about the 6538, Now I have to figure out what I want to do....
  10. This is blackmail.... so weird....
  11. Thanks for all the input guys, I was really curious as I know fat fonts do command a premium, but this to me seemed ridiculous. Would have much rather heard about some story about a super rare variant of the pepsi insert, but instead its just crazy bidders.
  12. and seriously, the reason I started spending more time on this forum was because people were helpful, patient and nice here. guess not....
  13. Instead of answering my question you give a snarky response? So how about a follow up question, does it have to do with the red backing? is that more rare than the blue backing?
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