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  1. Where can I find rep wallets and accessories? Every source I had has dried up. Is Reddit a good place to start? Thanks, G.
  2. Was it the DW case that everyone joked had the "tumor" where the crown was? I remember the various techniques to bring that area into spec. (usually by filing by hand rather than Dremel). BTW, who do you all recommend to engrave the SN on the case? Thanks, G.
  3. Thanks in advance. Ken has been my go-to guy for years, but it appears he’s gone. I saw some Hermes loafers on his site that I like a lot. Can anyone recommend another site? I’ve used Ben’s in the past, I’ve gotten better service with Ken. Suggestions?
  4. I was sorry to read about the passing of his father in June. KB has always been great to deal with, and I've gotten a number of things from him. Is he closed for business? I see that the last time he signed in here was July. I've tried sending him a PM but no luck. Anyone know? Garrett
  5. I ordered one from Ken. Maybe I can post some pictures here and we can compare. Garrett
  6. Thanks, KB is the go-to guy for bags like this. I already contacted him to get one. He got an ostrich Birkin for my wife awhile back....extremely well made purse.
  7. I saw a Hermes Steven Messenger bag that I really liked from an email from Finer Labels 2 days ago. (The real deal is $7,600 USD) Ben replied pretty quickly to my email inquiry: the rep is $1,100, plus $300 shipping. Too rich for my blood for a rep. I've purchased about 6 watches from Andrew....think I'll pass on the man-bag. Garrett
  8. When I take a rep to local watchsmith, I explain to him about the watch. I'll tell him how I sourced the movement, the dial, etc. Usually they are impressed with the effort that goes into it. There is a retired watchmaker near me who was Rolex certified during his professional years. When I brought him an Explorer II he was surprised that he couldn't tell it was a rep until he disassembled it. The only reps he had encountered before were the very shoddy ones. Most watchsmiths have no idea about how deep our underground hobby runs.
  9. Where did you source the dial? It looks terrific! Garrett
  10. Very nice work with hand tools. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Garrett
  11. Nanuq, That's the price range I am seeing from other vendors. I was hoping there was a new option out there somewhere. A question also: were there 6542 watches produced with stainless bezels? I ask only because during this same time period (in the 1950's), there were Rolex subs produced that had plated bezels AND some that had stainless bezels (in the same series I mean). Thanks, Garrett
  12. Can anyone suggest a source for a 6542 coin edge type bezel? Jewelry and watch has them, but too expensive for the rep I'm building. I see some stainless copies on ebay too, which are inexpensive, but stainless rather than the plated brass originals. Suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know the diameter and thread pitch for the case back of a 16610 sub? I am trying to make an adapter to fit a bubble case back fit onto the case. I have attempted massive google-fu with zero results. Thanks, Garrett
  14. What about having the more precise machining done here in the States, and farming out the case back and other pieces to China? Alternatively, get the cases 98% finished from China, and then do a simplified completion process here. Other industries (especially firearms) do the same thing.
  15. When bears emerge from hibernation in the spring, they spend enormous time both feeding and scratching (mainly by rubbing up against trees and rocks). There is a spring hunting season for bears (very brief), and hunters always want to find the bears very soon after emerging from their dens. Otherwise, the hide will marred by the loss of hair where the rubbing occurred.
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