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  1. Hi guys, apologies for hijacking this thread, but since it's not that old I hope that's not an issue. After getting fed up with the gen world's "no watch for you policy" I am currently contemplating another Milsub build following my gen-powered Phong based one from a few years back. I foolishly gave that one to my brother who now refuses to sell it back to me, so no real options here I guess :D. Like with my last build, I want to build the best one possible. So gen movement and best available dial are a must. If the unspeakable one will sell me another dial, I'll start gathering the remaining parts. I'm pretty much set on everything else already (though open to suggestions of course :)). Will go for Ruby's case set, CWP hands (should have a pair lying around here somewhere), gen crown and tube, gen hacking 1520 from a period correct donor watch, Air King 5500 from the late 70s I suppose. I'll try the TrueDome t19 as a crystal and that's about it. Hopefully I'll have it finished around end of this year, if and that's a big if, I'm able to source the dial. Here's my question: Ruby's insert looks amazing, really great to see that someone managed to produce an affordable one at last. Case looks good as well, though I think it'll need a little work to make it more accurate. Any suggestions who does exceptional case work atm and has experience with Phong/Ruby cases? Preferably in the EU? Dbane reshaped my Phong case and I was very happy with how it turned out, but judging from the fact his last post here is from early 2019, I fear he's not around any more... I would like to go for a fully restored Bexley look again, so brushed case with visible clean chamfers. Similar to the double reference pictured here.
  2. Thanks! Your's looks awesome, too. The insert is from a long gone, very limited batch of replacements for gen Milsub owners. I'll post a build log of the watch next month or so. Took me almost 7 years from learning about milsub for the first time to finally finishing this thing.
  3. So true. But honestly I don't see the point in vintage Rolex anymore, prices are inflated to a point where buying a NOS crown or crystal becomes prohibitive. I have just finished my latest (and last) build and will from now on focus on modern gens (not Rolex exclusively, obviously). But there also you are confronted with ridiculous fees and servicing costs. I really believe things will only changes once younger buyers stop throwing cash at the swiss watch industry, so they are finally forced to focus on their customers rather than profits...
  4. These look great. Do they also make sigma dials nowadays?
  5. Imo your best option for ETA are gen seamaster 300 hands. I bought a couple of sets from cousins few years ago, I don't know if they are still available. Gen powered, CWP has the best ones available.
  6. Well, almost all of these suggestions are ridiculously unattractive. So judging by their last big releases except for the white ln Daytona, Rolex is probably considering some of them. I personally would like to see a two-color black and green bezel for the 1166710ln, it couldn't possibly be uglier than that SD.
  7. Congratulations. Beautiful piece, I still can't understand why AP isn't offering dark dial options on the 15450 in steel. I've been eying the gen for some time now, but was always put off by the white dial. As soon as it becomes available in black or even better blue I'm off to sell a kidney...
  8. What a beauty! High on my very own list as well, congratulations.
  9. Yeah, UK prices were absolutely ridiculous to start with. I always chuckle when I see someone refer to 6263/6265s as "rare" watches. They are probably the easiest vintage pieces to find, everytime you visit a watch fair you see loads around.
  10. Imo the replacement on ebay looks really, really good. They even replicated the serifs on the numbers pretty well. Am I missing something?
  11. wiesn089


    From what I can tell from the pics, it looks great, though clear pictures of the subdials would certainly help.
  12. This is probably the most sensible approach. Or we could arrange a group buy with Phong for some raw cases. Talk him through the details, QC and finishing touches by you, dbane (if you are interested). I'd rather pay you for the case finish instead of Phong.
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