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  1. The inside edge shouldn't be as deep as it is, also it should be more straight down. Yours has the wok look to it. Other than that it's nice. I like the black indies.
  2. YEs they are recesssed. having never laid my eyes on a gen Wolf I really can't comment, but coming from By-Tor I will take it as correct.
  3. Coming from you sir it's a compliment. It is the model that the factories have stooped producing...mhy I don't know It is the closest to a gen I've seen in the rep market, besides of course my WM9/BK YM.
  4. Now all we need is jjenk (if he is on here) to say hi with his and that killer strap. Then it will be a party!
  5. Does your company know your surfing?????? And next week when I come DT.
  6. Just thought I'd show a couple of shots of my new Seawolf. Thinking about putting on a new strap on this bad boy. HKTan has a real nice black leather/yellow that looks awesome on this model. Thanks for looking
  7. BrianT


    Could we see a side close up shot of the SEL?
  8. Geez.....that a tough question...both rock.
  9. sorry for the bad spelling.....I'll shoot SOME pictures of mine.....

  10. Are you still looking for a 1016? if you are e-mail me at [email protected] and I will shoot doem pictures of mine.

  11. Giving my BK/WM9 YM a break while I wear a Explorer. The YM is by far my favorite watch. I might have to try to source a gen crystal.
  12. jmb maybe able to source you a bracelet. Maybe send him a PM.
  13. Nope, it's the "famous" JJ Irani. The King of TRF, the know all end all of Rolex....just ask him...
  14. Protective clear plastic stuck on the case yes on Gen, not loose plastic over the bracelet.
  15. I used to own a Gen Kirium. By far the most comfortable bracelet I've ever worn. Great watch, mine was a quartz and in 5 years never had to even change the battery. Miss the ole girl sometimes......
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