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  1. Blue dial is solid. I've held the gen and I ordered the rep within minutes. Other than the insert it's damn close. The dial is better than I expected and is the closest to gen I've seen. With the gen bezel assembly I've ordered you would not be able to tell on my wrist. If on the fence get one.
  2. Got it from Ken. I have both gen insert and bezel for this watch.
  3. Does or has anyone put a gen bezel assembly onto this case? I have the new blue DSSD and winder if it's a straight swap or milling is needed. Thanks for any help.
  4. Wish they had gotten the date font correct.
  5. Looks solid. http://puretime-asia.com/product/royal-oak-offshore-bumble-bee-forged-carbon-best-edition-on-leather-strap-a7750/
  6. It's out. http://puretime-asia.com/product/royal-oak-offshore-bumble-bee-forged-carbon-best-edition-on-leather-strap-a7750/
  7. Using that intel money for watch purchases. I like it mate!
  8. not as bad as you think. I pay less for Cubans than most nico puros
  9. Hate it when one bad person screws up things for a solid dealer. Probably a true poser with no real self worth. Best of luck Ken.
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