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  1. Redbigjoe was a dedicated watchmaker for sure 😉. He is missed.
  2. The best TRLs are replicated 1:1 using an original. The factory can’t just buy the sticker though. They need the whole watch to really see how it’s on there.
  3. TRLs are the hallmark of Grade A Swiss replicas made in the real Rolex factory between 4 and 5 AM and sold through Chinese websites at CRAZY SALE prices.
  4. Quite impressed with this. Even in rep form, it’s much nicer in real life than I imagined. Sport chic .
  5. Beautiful watch and story! Always great to see it. It is just as old as you. The question is, does it have a higher net worth?
  6. I'm guessing if she wanted it posted, she wouldn't have a password.
  7. Nice collection Alan. It's hard to believe no one has tackled these properly. A TR is now a 150K watch. The big issue is the bezel. All the aftermarket bezels are way too thick for the older models, even if they look passable from the front.
  8. I've experienced similar with buffalo to within about 4 feet, but that's an insurance claim at worst 😉. I always worry about people on motorcycles. A man plus a Harley is roughly buffalo sized, and they go after them all the time.
  9. Thank you my friend! This was my first attempt with a "Dive-Tite" but will try the WT. Or just put the original back even though its profile is not very sexy. I was actually amazed that the "rehaut" you see on these comes with the crystal. Cheers!
  10. Getting there on the hands. I think these will do. I swapped out the glass too, but will have to go back to the old crystal as the tension ring does not quite make the dial. Cheers.
  11. I assume the bezel is just the retention ring? I also find it interesting that everyone accepts this is how MB wore his watch. I assume he pulled the bezel off for the film. Makes you wonder if it was pulled off again for the sale.
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