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  1. I'm guessing if she wanted it posted, she wouldn't have a password.
  2. Nice collection Alan. It's hard to believe no one has tackled these properly. A TR is now a 150K watch. The big issue is the bezel. All the aftermarket bezels are way too thick for the older models, even if they look passable from the front.
  3. I've experienced similar with buffalo to within about 4 feet, but that's an insurance claim at worst 😉. I always worry about people on motorcycles. A man plus a Harley is roughly buffalo sized, and they go after them all the time.
  4. Thank you my friend! This was my first attempt with a "Dive-Tite" but will try the WT. Or just put the original back even though its profile is not very sexy. I was actually amazed that the "rehaut" you see on these comes with the crystal. Cheers!
  5. Getting there on the hands. I think these will do. I swapped out the glass too, but will have to go back to the old crystal as the tension ring does not quite make the dial. Cheers.
  6. I assume the bezel is just the retention ring? I also find it interesting that everyone accepts this is how MB wore his watch. I assume he pulled the bezel off for the film. Makes you wonder if it was pulled off again for the sale.
  7. If you happen to have a second retaining ring or can find a cheap aftermarket one, I simply place one upside down on the one I am mounting and then use a standard press. The second ring will not grab because the crystal is curved (usually).
  8. Post a WTB for a Whoopy dial. Someone must have one they jumped on but haven't used yet.
  9. I like this quite a bit. The gen is priced at $8,600, which is about the same as vintage I believe. Hopefully, that will bring the secondary market prices down, unlike the JLC reissues.
  10. Honestly, one good one is all you need. These gen dials have gotten harder to come by too and are damn expensive.
  11. It sounds like you might have the wrong movement for the spacer ring. A correct ring should hold the movement and not put pressure on the dial. Then, the whole assembly should be thin enough to go into the case and leave room for the case clamps to both clear the spacer and make it under the groove in the case. If you are using an ETA 2836 it may be too thick. Even a 2824 will be tough in certain cases. If you just put the dial and movement in the case, do the case clamps make it to the groove? They should. If so, you can sand away the case ring so it is thinner in those places. Also check to make sure the dial by itself fits in the case the way it should. For the feet at this point I would try a proper solution: 1. There are glue on feet with a very large base available out of the UK if you search on here. You need to sand off any remainder of the old feet and use a two-part epoxy like you are. Ignore all other claims about anything else working . The tough part is you need to stand the feet in the movement (not all the way down) in order to set the dial on top so the placement is correct or find some other way to get this right. I have an old busted movement that I have used for this. 2. Dial dots sold specifically for the purpose of sticking the dial on the movement are actually quite strong and super thin. They are actually just little dots of pure adhesive. If all else fails and there is space on the top of the movement, they work reasonably well. Good luck!
  12. Wow Nanuq...Thanks so much for the offer. Love that second hand! The correct hands (I believe) are in the pictures below. A bit different than the standard Fifty Fathoms hands. Interestingly, both these watches are a bit dodgy. No markings on the case back, etc. They might have been cobbled together from parts too. Cheers.
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