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  1. prdubis

    Rolex 6350 Case Set

    Nice pics here: https://le-monde-edmond.com/in-depth-review-rolex-6350-explorer/
  2. prdubis

    Jensen has problems

    I don't know where to source these parts...Do you?
  3. prdubis

    Jensen has problems

    We all agree that Phong is overpriced, but if it is as easy as we think to source parts, reshape cases, engrave them, why he's the only one to provide such great quality parts?
  4. prdubis

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

  5. prdubis

    Longest you have waited for a rep?

    I'm still waiting for WM9 SD, 16610 and 16613 I've ordered and paid for before George vanished...
  6. prdubis

    Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    ARF released a new version a few days ago...
  7. prdubis

    New ABP strap for Black bay blue

    Atelier du Bracelet Parisien
  8. Maybe your TD can you get a pair of Cartel ones?
  9. prdubis

    Noob Seadweller 4000

    Mine is not that bad...
  10. prdubis

    Noob Seadweller 4000

    Thank you for the comparison and the pics!
  11. prdubis

    Possible solution for indices on ceramic bezel

    Great find! Would this mod improve a V7 insert too?
  12. prdubis

    Noob Seadweller 4000

    Very happy with my v7, it's even better than my Sub v7 [emoji2]