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  1. @ hologram - looks fantastic, where you get that lovely faded pearl? I wants one I wants one... Oh, just read your comment 'those are gen'. Ah. No wonder they look good 😂
  2. Hello good people of Omegaland. Got a question: Is there a decent quality rep steel bracelet out there that will fit a gen 38mm speedmaster circa 2008? Want to buy one for a mate but don't fancy the £500 Omega are charging! Cheers all the best.
  3. Thanks for info. Don't really want to spend $75 for an insert just to use the pearl though.
  4. Fantastic stuff, cheers Slay. @cib0rgman what pearl did you use? I've got a spare Yuki but it 's slightly too big for the hole in the insert and I didn't want to go drilling.
  5. 'Nook, Thanks for the Jimmy Page clip. I thought I'd seen everything Zep related. That was new to me. Cheers.
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