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  1. All the above is very helpful thanks. @capice I am in the UK. So still in the EU but not for long. Thanks to the backwardness of my fellow citizens.
  2. All the best Redheart, this is a good place.
  3. Greetings to all in Pannyland, I bought a lovely well modded 'fiddy' some time ago in our sales section and have now had the watch tested for waterproofing. A watchmaker put it in his pressure tester and said it was pretty good - much better than he expected but did 'leak' a tiny air bubble from the edge of the glass where it meets the case at about 4 o'clock position. That was at 50 atmospheres. So my question is this - do you reckon it's ok to swim with? If not does anybody know of, or is it indeed possible to have the glass 'sealed' where it meets the case? Thanks chaps.
  4. Ha! You think you've had a hard day. I've just finished looking after six kids. SIX I say!!!
  5. Cheers for reply. Bought a rep bracelet in the end.
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