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  1. @ hologram - looks fantastic, where you get that lovely faded pearl? I wants one I wants one... Oh, just read your comment 'those are gen'. Ah. No wonder they look good 😂
  2. dieselpower

    Steel bracelet required

    Hello good people of Omegaland. Got a question: Is there a decent quality rep steel bracelet out there that will fit a gen 38mm speedmaster circa 2008? Want to buy one for a mate but don't fancy the £500 Omega are charging! Cheers all the best.
  3. Thanks for info. Don't really want to spend $75 for an insert just to use the pearl though.
  4. Fantastic stuff, cheers Slay. @cib0rgman what pearl did you use? I've got a spare Yuki but it 's slightly too big for the hole in the insert and I didn't want to go drilling.
  5. 'Nook, Thanks for the Jimmy Page clip. I thought I'd seen everything Zep related. That was new to me. Cheers.
  6. dieselpower

    MBW Bezel inset

    Thankyou for the recommendation. All the best.
  7. dieselpower

    MBW Bezel inset

    I've got a rather battered Mk 1 MBW 1665 and I'm going to replace the bezel insert and fit a Yuki pearl. Anybody got any recommendations for a reasonable insert? Hopefully something that snaps straight in. Cheers chaps.
  8. dieselpower

    What's it worth?

    Jaguar went from Lucas to Marelli on the XJS as a supposed upgrade. Us crazy Brits you gotta laugh.
  9. dieselpower

    What's it worth?

    Nostalgic for old British vehicles? Not me.....
  10. dieselpower

    Word Association Thread

  11. dieselpower

    JKF 1680 Red Dial Sub Relume

    Beautiful work. Well done.
  12. dieselpower

    Word Association Thread

    Janis Joplin
  13. dieselpower

    Word Association Thread

    Me 😂