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  1. What a beautiful 1016. Great work - love it.
  2. Cheers 'Nook UK don't do Thanksgiving but best wishes to all who do. There's lots of things we don't do - like make sensible decisions about the running of our country 😂
  3. Cheers kernow, so now you've had time to play what do you think?
  4. Great piece. Great story. What this place is really all about. WIWIGH
  5. Hello good people, I've been around here many years now. Still love the place and people. Anyways I've been spending many hours developing a killer word game that I used to play on paper with my Dad before he passed away. I've been playing it for over 20 years now and I still enjoy it so I've had it made into a game you can play on your mobile (cell!) phone. It's called CRAMBLE and if you search just that word you'll find it on GooglePlay and Apple App Store. It's a great game for those who like such things and as I say it's kept me entertained for over 20 years so give it a go if you like - it's free!
  6. I bought an unbranded one from eBay as I recall.
  7. Lovely watch. Well done. Enjoy.
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