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  1. GMT movement for

    Watchmaking schools or more precisely watch technician schools are exactly that -a school!!!! since when has anyone ever learnt anything from school??? No, seriously??? I know some good tradespeople that are good at what they do, but that is where it starts and stops!!! Ask them to improvise or modify or think outside the square and you will be shocked to see how red with embarrassment they turn. Here is a different fraternity altogether, where new frontiers are met and challenged at every move. So strictly speaking this forum is like a research university. Any skilled musician can learn to play Bach, Mozart or anything that is put in front of him, but can they all be creative and improvise?? I leave this to the individual to reach their own conclusion. I too trust only those here and I better not start mentioning any names in case I miss someone out. It is a privilege and honour to be here even at the bottom of the pecking order!!!
  2. GMT movement for

    Thanks!!! This forum is truly my second home!!!! It is always the case, that you could be looking a lifetime for a cure to an illness only for the.potion to come when the patient has just died. I will inform him of this as it is a shame for the watch to be molested with his request, especially an oversized 18k gold piece!!!! Thanks again!!
  3. GMT movement for

    So am I. Being wealthy in finances does not necessarily translate to wealthy in intellect!!! all kidding aside, this watch was accidentally damaged as it was caught in the washing machine amongst some jeans. When it was brought to me I was surprised that the dial was intact but most of the movement had rusted. We looked for a donor movement for over a year without success, but owner is not as nutty as me with these as for him it is just a watch. I offered to buy it from him, but said it was sentimental belonging to his late grandfather from London. He and his wife are successful lawyers so he can buy mostly what the next impulse may be.
  4. GMT movement for

    This forum is a God send and I have learnt more from here than I probably ever did in school. Don't want to overlook other horology forums such as TZ and from iinput of other members - Automatico etc , but it is here that one learns to play the true jazz music of horology and to improvise well!! I am am having a similar problem in trying to find an equivalent eta quartz movement which will substitute an omega caliber 332 bumper wind that needs the same distance for the pinion holes between the sub seconds hand and the hour/minute hand. Weird request from a neighbour to replace their movement in an 18k gold seamaster. That is another story!! Thanks again for the link. Again very interesting reading!!!! Of course I need to do more homework on which movement to get as there deems to be some confusion as to what I need to do as I only get one shot at this cheap trick! LOL!!
  5. GMT movement for

    Thanks for your reply!!!! especially for the link which is something that I have been seeking for years, which answers 1000 other questions that are not easily accessible!!! from that table,I am now confident that from dial feet positions,it is a DG 3804B and even better a seagull St1622 will also do hopefully being better quality??? I just hope that all the data is accurate as there is an error with one of the eta mvts dial feet where a 2783 has same feet locations as the later generation eta 2824/2836, which is not true!!! Believe me I tried them out and are slightly off
  6. GMT movement for

    Greetings friends, I am trying to replace a movement for a rolex GMT dial which has dial feet at 5.5 o'clock and at 11 o'clock. What movement would accommodate these dial feet positions??? The waterlogged movement has no number under the balance apart from the letters "N N". It is for a work mate's son, so I have no idea of what mvt , nor where it comes from, is as I have only ever used eta's. If anyone knows of a better quality movement that will also substitute the dial feet, he is willing to pay to get it fixed properly as it is sentimental to him. Not my cup of tea!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Yacht master dial for eta mvt??

    Thanks!!!! good lead! However, still no luck so I am still looking
  8. I'm still alive but....

    wishing you also a safe and speedy recovery!!!!
  9. Yacht master dial for eta mvt??

    Was unaware of this especially in keeping track on everything!,, I now totally understand and respect these decisions. Back to the drawing board!
  10. Yacht master dial for eta mvt??

    Thanks!!!! I had thought of TC first, but somehow seems to be on hiatus I need to contact TC for something else as well, but have not been too successful. I would appreciate if someone could inform me of his current contact details just to be certain??
  11. I have seen all sorts of eta dials made for subs, explorers Gmt's etc. available for sale but never for a yacht master. I know they are not that popular, but am seeking one to replace for someone that I gifted it to. The only ones I have seen for yacht master are for the DG 2813 which is not suitable. Does anyone know where I can source a good condition one for a basic mainstream eta rep - preferably in white or light sprinkle grey ? Thanks!!!i
  12. I sympathise with you!!, in my experiences I had more problems with the genuines than the replicas. I think that it has nothing to do with the watch brand at all, but purely because they are more mass produced than anything. Most of these brands all belong to the swatch group whether it is a Breitling, TAG or even Blancpain,!!!!! i had the same thing happen to my genuine datejust 16234 and I will not even go into that story!!!!! I lost the glass on my very first TAG heuer without even noticing when and it happened , which was one of the biggest load of garbage that s very highly over rated!!!! My replicas have taken quite a good commando training and have passed quite well!!!! I often think it is all in the mind and the luck of the draw !!!! Glad your story had a happy ending!!!
  13. As far as I know, Star Time Supply are wholesalers and only sell to those that have a parts account that usually order from them for a living as opposed to those that are not watchmakers. Interestingly, their solid gold sub comes complete with bezel minus insert and I cannot help wondering why the stainless see one doesn't . Great stuff to say the least. Yuki also had a case which is now discontinued, but am not sure if it has a removable crystal ring?
  14. If I am not mistaken, I believe that the SSD V2 modified by Jackjo had this setup. I don't exactly remember as those had working HEV valves as opposed to ones that are just cosmetic. I believe that the Steinhart submariners and the Squale submariners also have a crystal retaining ring set up as they are suppose to be water resistant up to 300 meters. I have never really come across to a genuine submariner lookalike watch of any other brand that uses the press in crystal. Someone that has can fill me in on this ?????? I guess that this is one of the reasons why most submariner replicas can be frowned upon as not being water resistant beyond a dip in the bucket or a swim or dive in shallow water. The submariner replicas that use acrylic crystals have the same sort of set up as the genuine vintage acrylic crystal subs, making them a more closer cousin to the 1680 and 551X terms of water resistant quality. You would be better off buying a new generic case with crystal already inserted as the crystal and seal would not be that much cheaper. If someone cannot help you here, there are lots of them on ebay. Good luck!!!!
  15. Useless trivia...

    I vote this post to be put in the sticky section where all the forum rules are!!!!!