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  1. I have two springs of different sizes that I can send you to try out and see which one fits! These little beasts are a kick in the groin to remove, replace and to buy from anywhere! I even checked on eBay and no go!!! Forget ofrei unless you want to order 100 of them to make it economically viable! I got rid of any eta with ( novodiac springs a long time ago and any remaining ones I have are with the double cone incabloc with the gate which are incomparable to these horrible things that can cost you the service time of another movement! Also be easy with them as they can easily break
  2. This is a great thread! I had been looking for the pros and cons on this subject for months! Somehow I cannot always post or respond on this site ( mystery to me 😲) . Automatico you have done it all with a couple of links! Thanks a million, it has opened up an Aladdins cave of posts for me! Thanks also to Timelord for bringing up the subject! I have never used epilame on the pallets and so far my very first movement I serviced runs like a charm! I too have learnt a lot, mainly thanks to the existence of this forum as one can post and not be afraid of the responses you get!
  3. Totally agree !!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my F52011 , It has the crown guards reshaped and a genuine crown. I had a nato strap but felt more comfortable with the strap I have now. Noob.jfif When I had it pressure tested, it passed the 200 meter line. I don't blame Timelord for selling off his genuine if he has exactly the same to enjoy!!! Good family man, thinking of his family first Even worse is the new 116610 with the fat case which to me represents nothing more than a cheap Invicta or a Parnis. Maybe they are made in the same factory as
  4. Great link! Under the surface it sort of reminds me of the Seiko with the pall levers. The automatic works seems a bit of a mess, but when comparing with the odds and the gods against it, there isn’t much of a choice left! What attracted me was that it is “supposedly Swiss made”, has the Incabolc style setting in place of the horrible diashock spring on the eta and hopefully that spares would be more readily available than eta parts,, ! Who knows? I would most likely take a gamble on this one Instead of those eta junk clones that come from the far south or (north) which have
  5. While I was checking my emails, eBay sent me a list of possible purchase interests. I found item number 174253614078 from a German seller quite interesting as it is a ronda R150 claiming to be Swiss made replacement for eta 2824-2. It looked appealing as it seems to have the incabloc set up in place of the 3 prong spring on the balance! Hopefully this may be the answer to avoiding those awful clones made in Far East sweat shops. My interest in this is if spare parts are easier to obtain than eta and if an equivalent for eta 2836-2 is available from their selections. Hope this is of some
  6. Thanks R. I have never experienced this issue before with any of my previous timepieces! Definitely gives me new insight to a different diagnosis to what I had been contemplating! I checked the the turning of the crown and it seemed to be half and half so this is a close call! As for telling the time, it is running well for a few hours until it decides to freeze the hour and minute hand! I have noticed that the day wheel flipper intermediate wheel post seems to be protruding and would go for your suggestion that something in that area is the issue! Since it does not qui
  7. thanks for your input! They were the first parts I looked at when I stripped it apart which is why I am finding it a mystery! The other thing I could possibly brainstorm is the tension on calander works! Just clutching my straws!
  8. This topic is the very heart and soul of why most of us ( if not all of us ) belong to a forum such as this and why such a forum exists! Needless to say,I agree with everything said!!! Do I prefer a replica or a genuine? If the parts issue and price did not matter, I personally think that they are both performers made of the same material where one has been given more quality control over the other. The same cake baked by different chefs! Since I have downsized tremendously because of the parts issue and exchange rate have become unfavourable, I only own two genuine and three replicas!
  9. My only genuine eta that I had serviced professionally before I began attempting them myself has just pulled a strange stunt! It stopped at 4.23 On Saturday pm, but the seconds hand keeps sweeping away! Pulled out he crown to see if it could have been a problem with motion work Such as the hour wheel and minute wheel But all seemed good as I could move all the hands over the 12 hour revolution! Yesterday it stopped again and considered doing a thorough investigation by removing dial and seeing the hour and minute wheel etc to see if all the teeth are ok and all seemed to be meshing well! C
  10. This has been an interesting and very informative thread! I guess that from the information that is available, timepieces made circa 1963 are either a hit or a miss as to which had radium and which had tritium! Some had a small “T” on the very bottom of the dial next to “Swiss“to indicate tritium, but not all dials were marked, so you need to take extreme care when decasing on of these! Then again microscopic dust from the Radium lume depositing anywhere to your movement and contaminating your equipment is even more off a concern!
  11. Good one! Thanks for posting this link! I recall reading it recently, but somehow I could not find it in my browser history, Just goes to show that even watchmaking has its health hazards no different from those working in asbestos removal or those working in mines! Imagine paying out of your teeth for a James Bond Rolex, Milsub, or comex in the 4 or 5 digit price tag and have something very nasty brewing inside? This post has killed my buzz as I have a 1970 mint condition presidential being one of my grail watches, but now I am not so sure if I am still in love w
  12. That is a damn good question which I notice is very overlooked amongst this trade and hobby!!!!! I am glad someone has asked this because my best and most honest watchmaker died from Lung cancer at the age of 51 and his widow always blamed it on radium because when he was an apprentice, his mission was to scrape off radium off dials back in the late 1970s early 1980-s. He did it daily and when he worked for the same local watch service house, he was given the task for doing this amongst other watchmakers. Other watchmakers always got him to open old pocket watches and pre war wat
  13. The above responses are great advice! I have been obsessed with this issue for over 30 years since I first discovered that stainless steel is just steel which can rust but with less aesthetic impacts! I would suggest that you give your disassembled case parts a good wash firstly with warm & detergent and then rinse with demineralised water! Once this is done I would passivate them in a 5% citric acid aqueous solution (which you can make yourself) for about 10 minutes., I would again rinse under clean demineralised water and dry out with isopropyl alcohol! Another option is
  14. AN UPDATE !!! OK Gentlemen, I thought I would share with all of you something that had been rattling my brain for over the past week. It seemed very strange that my movement would stop at approximately the same time every 7 to 10 days, which I still cannot work out why such a long period of time as opposed to every 12 or 24 hours after it makes a complete revolution. Thanks to the clue offered by fellow member SSTEEL and for other members suggestions to rule out, I focused my attention on the 4th wheel. All the teeth were ok and the shaft and pivot seemed
  15. I have actually tried Strega liqueur at an Italian wedding! The party felt like it was in my mouth where everyone was invited! Great stuff!it is the best kept secret in my town! wow! Just as I was about to quit this hobby from the parts issue, something like this comes up just to pull me beck! Never heard of these balance wheels! How ingenious ! Sad that this brand of watch was not as successful as the other big guns Thanks for sharing and BTW this has been a great thread!
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