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  1. Agree, very appealing watch but a watch without lugs just doesn't do it for me. I prefer a watch with lugs as it gives you the option of looking appealing in both a leather strap and a bracelet without one compromising over the other! Sort of reminds me of my very first omega which only looked good with a bracelet http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/Z8YAAOSwlfxXGjko/%24_57.JPG
  2. Watchuseek was the very first forum I joined and after a couple of weeks I never logged on again! it looks like it is a club where morons like to meet up and dribble from both their top and bottom mouths at the same time! At first I thought that I was the problem until I read many more posts like yours over the decades! I find similar attitude from most TAG Whorer ( let me correct that -Heuer) owners
  3. The same can be said of most items if not all items that once belonged to someone important! Houses belonging to important people usually have blue plaques outside the-front door in the UK, the Parker pen Einstein wrote the Theory of relativity or even a handkerchief used in the top pocket of a suit of a famous person etc all tell some story or more accurately ; History. This is where I see an astronomical difference between having material items and relics ( which are also material items). I do not always agree with those that always bash at materialistic people, as in this case there is a difference! i guess the OP wqs trying to ask is; where does one draw a line between what is a sane and appropriate premium to pay for such items and if the money justifies the satisfaction it could bring without overriding the spending on more practical priorities! I love the mil sub purely because it is basic and less busy than the mainstream one of its vintage, as the bezel and sword hands truly do it for me. If I could have ordered a bespoke one from Rolex themselves, it would be exactly that configuration! That is it for me and I would not ask for any better! Enjoy to good health!! BTW can you build me one? (Yeah in my dreams! Ha!)
  4. Thanks! One of the best replicas ever made! These are prized pieces for me! Also the quality deserves some credit as well!
  5. Here's mine thanks to Aligoat providing me the case with the trimmed guards. It is powered by an old Tissot eta 2836-2 that I removed some 12 years ago. I have mine on a strap as I also love the feel of a milsub !!! ( Lots of dust and lint particles are on the crystal )
  6. That is great to hear! Glad it was sorted out! Mymanmatt was right! Some dirt may have been caught in the drive train! It was also lucky that it was the 2834-2 and not the 2836-2! The plastic spacer in the 2834 must hold in the movement somewhere as it comes as a fixed part with the movement! Had it been a 2836-2 as it was in my case then, you are really only left with cementing dial feet as there is hardly any area to glue he dial on movement. The only unknown to me is if it is possible to place a plastic spacer from a 2834-2 to a 2836-2 as the are essentially the same mechanism where the only difference I see is that one has a day ring outside the circumference of the movement and the other has it in the interior of the same planar circumference! Hopefully those who have worked on both can tune me in as this would solve a lot of dial fee issues for most of us here BTW this has been a very interesting post!
  7. The same can be said about most of us here with these mechanical timepieces which in today's mainstream are replaced by the more modern apple and Casio watches just like the coffee percolator is with the espresso machine!!!
  8. To further add as a clarification which after reading my response which I wasn't able to edit: the dial itself once installed into the case is not the problem, but more so that the movement plays backwards and forwards and even sideways , especially if not held firm into the back of the dial. Mymanmatt is correct in his suggestion that the dial with no feet should still work, But...... Working with it and pressing the hands properly so that they do not interfere with each other while simultaneously getting the hour hand positioning to click at midnight on your first first go will be the hit or the miss as you somehow need to keep the dial firm while working on it! The loose dial while not held firm into the case with the movement will act just like the plunger hand removal tool . The loose dial will have the tendency to lift the hands off the movement which is what tends to happen if mvt holder and case clamps are not firm enough! The movement will also tend to shift the centre of where the hands are pressed on if not firm!, especially when using the crown! My movement was moving backwards and forwards where the hands posts were being interfered with on which was putting friction on the seconds hand! My movt holder just did not hold it firm enough regardless of how tight I screwed clamp screws
  9. For a start that is not a eta 2824-2! It is the day/date eta 2834-2!! A dial with no feet or broken feet is problems with a capital "P". Even dial dots will move the dial with just pulling out the stem to set the time or date! Believe me I have had this problem! As mymanmatt. Has suggested it could be in the drive train! To give you an analogy of my problem is that if the dial is not fixed firmly onto the movement, it will play both sideways and in some cases forwards towards the Rehaut of the case walls, putting extra force onto the hands and just enough to interfere with the seconds wheel post, especially if the movement holder is not tightly screwed in the case.. My seconds hand was also a culprit as there was extra friction from the minute hand as the dial was not firm. I resolved my problem by putting a couple of dial feet which I bought from carbinet on ebay and after using jb weld and shaping them to size I managed to get some hold of the dial onto the movement! Not the ideal solution but the next best thing as the can break off at any moment. When I carefully assembled it with minimising any pressure, I then used some tape under my movement holder to beef it up so that the case clamps( another pain in the a$&) could hold the movement onto the dial into case with plenty of pressure to avoid any possibility if any such play from a loose dial. Also a loose dial will also interfere with the bases of your hands stems! As of then it is still ticking! I am still looking for a new dial but mine is hard to find a size 28.5mm. Good luck and see how you go
  10. Now that is also nice! Somehow in my opinion, when rolex issued the 50th anniversary green bezel insert edition, it didn't really appeal to me! Perhaps something about the green and black combination blending like mixing wine and beer in one glass! Whereas something like this seems to push all the right musical notes to sing a number one hit on the charts! I am of the belief that it is legit as a licensed product from Rolex to Cartier to identify it as a rolex model exclusive to the cartier line! as for; https://www.rolexforums.com/showpost.php?p=7453782&postcount=10 I am inclined to believe the same analogy as with the cartier model, agreeable with Timelord. Notice that the dial is in gold gilt print as seen in the yellow gold & 2 tone versions and not in white as would have been expected for a purely designed one for a stainless steel blue dial version. So i am also inclined with the "NO" that a pure blue stainless steel model was never truly issued by Geneve themselves
  11. Now that is poetry, art and science all in the one package!! I never knew why rolex never issued a blue dial and insert for their submariner lines apart from the two tones and the yellow gold version! A white gold version in blue also was never released until the ceramic model which looks bulky & unattractive to me. A 16619 model would have been a treat especially when gold prices were a lot more affordable & reasonable. My first replica was a blue dial stainless steel with the blue anodised bezel. It got far more attention and comments than my genuine rolex ever did! Enjoy to good health!
  12. This morning, I went to see my watchmaker who is quite elderly and now works from home since he is in semi- retired,. I have known him for some years and has always been very gregarious with a nice welcoming smile and is one of the very few that had equipment that most others here do not have or use... He has been working on my 1967 Omega Speedmaster just over a year which suits me, as the compromise is that the longer I wait the better the deal which sounds fair to me!!!!. As I was driving close by in the area, I happened to knock on his door to ask what the status was regarding my watch, but I was in for a shock to see such an irate and disturbed man until he told me that he had been robbed last week of just about everything in his workshop. What was interesting was to learn that that my near completed Speedmaster had been left untouched in addition to a few cheap items that he had been working on. This blew me away!!!! Worse still is that his insurance will not cover. He also claimed that nearly all his tools and all of his personal collection of Omega Constellations were taken ! A bizarre coincidence is that some 18 months ago, when I went to collect my re-soled shoes from my cobbler who also changes watch batteries, happened to mention to me that his that his watchmaker who also works from home had also been robbed of everything and only a few cheap watches were left in his workshop. This was some 25 miles away from last weeks incident. I can only conclude that it had to be someone in the trade or ordered by someone in the trade. I am no detective criminologist, psychologist nor police officer, but I smell something very bizarre here. Can anyone make any sense out of this as it does not appear to be an ordinary burglary to me??
  13. Many happy returns!! so you share the same birthday as my late father who would have been 90 today if he was still with us!
  14. Your situation seems identical to my younger brother who is about your age too! with today's technology and advancing treatments, the prognosis is quite good! My late father had a low ejection rate of 17% and passed away at 87! Be positive and try to remain as calm as possible that once this is over you will feel great again!! I am sure other members of the forum are with you in this trialling time! My best wishes and Godspeed!
  15. Both timepieces are spectacular!!! regardless of how nice the late 116610 is, I always choose the 16610! The current model just does not enchant me! Personal choice intersestingly, I had a chance to buy a new 16610 for US$5000 from David SW back in 2010/2011 and I foolishly passed as I was contemplating on the 116610. I ended up with nothing as the later model just did not do it for me. Have never forgiven myself! Look what they sell for now; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rolex-NOS-Submariner-16610-Steel-Green-Kermit-Watch-Box-Tags-M-16610LV/143091787772?hash=item2150ef67fc:g:V9AAAOSw5bxcPf0i and that is the cheapest that I have ever seen them listed whether it has a black or green bezel insert
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