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  1. Hi guys. I just wantedto follow up on this. Still no Daytona for me. What a sad story for this forum. How hard can it be to offer a refund when your not keeping your promises Spin?
  2. Happy Birthday thogaa!

  3. Good one. Lol. But I could seriously use that grand towards a new bike for my son
  4. No reply. Maybe something has happened to him? I hope he's ok.
  5. I've kept calm and we are not arguing at all. That's partly why I'm confused - I chose him because of his excellent reputation (and I'm not just trying to ruin it) and his craftmanship. Still I can't afford to just let go of a grand
  6. Sorry - 22nd DECEMBER 2011 not February but still a long wait I've been asking for a refund since December 2012 but haven't got my money back. Something must have gone completely wrong
  7. He got my money (950usd) for a vintage daytona on 22 february 2011 and the build time was then 3 weeks. Through the last year I have been corosponding with him but now he doesn't reply. Is it fair to keep my money for more than a whole year and not giving me a watch nor a refund? Please help me T
  8. Happy Birthday thogaa!

  9. You might be right. There are QC pics online now. http://imgur.com/a/fsrHi Rehaut?
  10. Ordered one. I don't think the case is bad og td assured me that the bezel insert is cera WHITE letters...
  11. Any good? http://www.1-pc8838.com/00rlgs00008-ssss-2007-black-swiss-2836-p-12313.html
  12. I must be first in line. I ordered and paid my fiddy on 27th of February - still isn't in
  13. Wow wow wow Looks like they nailed it with this one. I ordered one from Andrew - I assume it's the same Now I'm gonna sleep underneath my mailbox until it arrives No wait I can't sleep Is the strap crap as usual?
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