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  1. Happy Birthday mamba!

  2. Happy Birthday mamba!

  3. i say thanks to, mark is a honest man and he send me an refund. so all fine and thanks for the appology.
  4. next is, yoou tell me watch is regulated and all like this, +3/sec a day, i test it with Kello, it says +22/sec, and yes i know its not the perfekt test, but with my 005 regulated from domi, it says +2/sec and thats right. i don't know what happened but now i can send the watch again anywhere to regulated them, i pay you lot of money, you says movement is lake a charm, runs perfect, no scratch an so on, and now? and yes, now you tell, maybe its not your watch, exactly like the scratch.
  5. i dont habe the 111 anymore what you mean. Its Sold, i search the thread on rwi. it is 100% your Watch with the scratch, polished and flatten Canon Pin. What can u do that you believe it is yours, that i dont Lie.
  6. Hi Hope anyone can help me. So is it possible to change the "fat" Noob Crown with the correct slim KW Crown? Thanks for help regards Andi
  7. Happy Birthday mamba!

  8. so here are the update with photos, i hope you like it.... gen eta day/date wheel domi lume taka crystal gen buckle regards andi
  9. tell it cousins, i have also the wrong, but there was an problem in database so he send me the right one in black...
  10. so i arrive today from domi a nice photo, very fast this man. the lume is awesome, left mine, right his gen. and of course i shoot a lot more when i arrive it ^
  11. welcome, nice to see an landsman ^^ woher den genau?
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