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  1. Finished watch. reshape by me, assembly by Domi
  2. I know this is an very old thread, any news for case re engraving in EU? I don’t want to send parts outside of eu! thx
  3. The name of the seller on eBay.com is “dotheanh”
  4. I did order last week the 1680 white dial printed on singer plate for usd 100,-. It is a mk3 dial. In a few weeks I can post some pics. Ps shipping is from Vietnam next to this one I would buy Ruby’s dial, but I don’t like the position of the lume dots Pic from eBay
  5. Not only at 8 o clock, hey the watch is 40 years old :-) i hope yukid bracelet is the best next to gen
  6. next step, i ordered one 78350 bracelet from yuki, i think i would use DW old 571 endlinks. does this combo work? thanks in advance
  7. I think not, before the 7753 came out there was this 7750 movement on the market! This movement is not converted, this movement comes with the subdial config 3/6/9 direct from the ETA factory. i hope this infos are correct, i am not an ETA specialist
  8. Hi Davis, the watchny bezel is the next step, i want also better pushers! I am looking also for a nice gen bracelet! step after step!
  9. Hi, after long waiting, my DW 6263 is in the house! Specs: Aged Dial and Hands by Spinmaster fresh serviced swiss ETA 7750 with config 3/6/9 converted to handwound by Domi - note this is not a 7753 movement!!! Athaya 702 crown and tube gen Crystal leather Nato Style Strap here some pics hope you like it
  10. I found an white noob explorer II with A2836 only by rayan @intime, all other TD cant source it!
  11. yeah, now i need only an dial and hands :-)
  12. Does the datewhell look like the gen?
  13. Hi there, got my Val.7734 with 45 min. Counter! What do you think about the date wheel? Look good or? Cheers
  14. Hi there, Noob question, who his the BP maker? Thanks Scooterboy
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