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  1. cousin_hub

    Best 1675 builder?

    Mine by Rolex Addict
  2. cousin_hub

    My favorite 7016

    Great. Do you have the link ?
  3. cousin_hub

    Projects completed 6239, 5513, 1680, COMEX

    Hi is there a link to get some Viêt-nam dials ? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. cousin_hub

    New 1675 version

    Here is a comparison between the old and the last version. The CG seem differents to me
  5. cousin_hub

    New 1675 version

    Hi All What do you think of this new 1675 version on Josh site ? Better case or no ? http://www.pf-818.com/0-rlgv00085-vintage-gmt-master-1675-blue-red-swiss-eta-2836-1570.html The pictures that Sead sent me
  6. cousin_hub

    New Rolex James Bond models

    I found some photos of Rolex 6205 , the right reference to compare with
  7. cousin_hub

    New Rolex James Bond models

    Hi guys I have seen some new Rolex James Bond on Josh website What do you think ? http://www.pf-818.com/-pi-20117.html?image=0 http://www.pf-818.com/-pi-20115.html?image=0
  8. Hi the experts Your thoughts for a choice between the new 1665 great white and the 5512 ?
  9. Have the 1675 been changed too ?
  10. Great For you which one is the best ootb between 5513, 5512, 1680 and 1665 ?
  11. cousin_hub

    No more vintage Rolex made by factories ?

    Could someone put some pictures of the new batch of Cartel 5513 and 1680 ?
  12. cousin_hub

    Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Mine modded by JJ and FrAndy
  13. cousin_hub

    Baselworld predictions

    Hi Some predications of the Baselworld novelties this year https://monochrome-watches.com/rolex-baselworld-2016-rolex-predictions-2016-rolex-novelties-2016/
  14. cousin_hub

    No more vintage Rolex made by factories ?

    Yes It's exactly that point