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  1. israg

    The pam372 is here

    Nice! How about some sunlight pics those of us who are on the fence
  2. israg

    Group Buy 2: Rainer Watch Box

    Im in for an 8 watch box shipped to the US.<br /> Im in for a 8 watch box shipped to the US.<br />
  3. I have a scratched V5 chronopassion which needs a bead blast. Anybody knows who could help me out?<br /><br />
  4. Taka over at rwi is making sapphire crystals with colorless AR. They should be very good but they will only fit the H-factory versions of the 212s. Www.2geek.net
  5. israg

    000 coming?

    According to Tony, "the 000 ,the factory said ,may be will not make it regards tony" Hope he is wrong.
  6. israg

    The Breitling Wristie thread!....

    Actually it is. I bought the black dial after getting the watch.
  7. israg

    New Arrival - Breitling Super Avenger

    Nice watch! I have mine on a bob black calf which are ok for the price. If you decide to sell the bracelet let me know ok
  8. israg


    If you want your emails answered in a matter of minutes use trusty, hes the best when it comes answering emails and getting what you need IMO. Although the 005 and the 219 are out of stock, so you will have to wait like everyone else. Hes email is trustytime@gmail.com
  9. You got skills brother
  10. israg

    Thursday Wristies

    Ill follow
  11. israg

    New 217

    That 217 deserves better pics
  12. israg

    New pam 288 & 253

    Pics are too small or maybe im losing my eyesight.
  13. israg

    A few wristies of my 286

    Awesome watch Pete, the blue tint on the dial really makes it stand out over the rep-friendly 253 imo Wear it in good health