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  1. Happy Birthday audemarsdan!

  2. Hey all, That's not me anymore; I sold the site back in May. I removed my name before I sold it but they put it back afterwards and so far haven't responded to my requests to remove it again. It's just another scammy site I'm sad to say. I hadn't updated it in two years and it was getting DMCA notices from Rolex and others on specific pages, so when an offer to buy it came along I was willing to sell. Sorry all, Richard
  3. Any movement on this? I've already cleared it with the wife, just need a date.
  4. Can you be more specific about USPS insurance only covering $50?
  5. Great info Lani, thanks. Patience is a virtue when it comes to replicas. I'm holding out for one with the correct lume and metal surrounds on the dial numerals...
  6. I'm in on this! I live in the Cleveland area but I'll make the drive over (my wife has relatives in Toledo, so it won't be that hard to get the time).
  7. Very sad day indeed. A real passing of the guard. The admin team at TRC were awesome people, I'm glad things will continue here at RWG.
  8. I love Sinn's designs. I think the above posters are right in that they're on the cusp of being cost effective to duplicate. But then we have replica Movados... If there was sufficient interest I'm sure someone would make copies. Sufficient being enough to sell out the first round of production.
  9. As the author of the Replica Watch Report I appreciate the referral! I'm working currently on a new edition with a bunch of new and updated information. It's damn hard when new things keep cropping up I want to include (like the new ceramic Rolex). It's definitely a moving target...
  10. I have the ads to global replicas experiment for several reasons: 1. They pay the bills. Really, Adsense sucks for monetizing replica watches. The Replica Watch Report doesn't make much off of it and the blog makes even less. Notice there's no ads for them on repliacwatchreport.com, nor will there ever be. 2. Obfuscation - I don't want to point any fingers in the direction of our real dealers, for their safety and ours. I get asked DAILY where to buy replica watches. Some people are INSISTENT I tell them where. The global replica thing is a way of eliminating this. The blog has been around quite some time, it's really my outlet for posting subjective opinions on replica watches (replicawatchreport attempts to be objective information). I put the ads on the blog as an experiment in advertising. I don't rave about them or even mention them in posts on the site. If they don't pan out I'll eliminate them. The ads aren't for this community in the slightest. While I do mention the replica boards as a source of information it's nothing that people doing a simple google search wouldn't find, so I'm not "outing" anyone. If you want a true private community RWG would be best served by going private like TRC. Frankly I'm always surprised when someone mentions the blog. It's not really traffic-heavy, nor does it rank well compared to the other replica sites out there (nor is it really updated regularly, or have a working rss feed). It's no "scam", nor does it try to falsify information. It's simply a "blog", don't attempt to read more than that into it.
  11. The spacing of the "10" isn't really noticeable, I mean even having a gen and a rep side-by-side I doubt it'd even be mentioned. Here's my rep:
  12. Awesome work! I'm listening to it now. I've added a link to it to my blog.
  13. Angus has a good point about the crackdown in the replica trade in China and the rest of Asia. It's a known fact that replicas just aren't as "in the open" as they were say two years ago. In a change of policy people are actually getting jail time for selling replica watches. Ask TTK about one of his experiences at the post in Thailand... I think we're seeing a change in the direction of the replica watch industry. Instead of focusing on quantity they'll direct their effort towards quality. As long as forums like this provide a steady stream of customers they'll do alright in the end without the added exposure of volume manufacturing.
  14. I just wanted to mention that any dealer that wants to do an interview please feel free to contact me! I sent out emails but I'm never sure if they get to their destination (or get read).
  15. I recently posted this over at TRC, but since there isn't 100% cross-over: I recently sent out an email to several replica watch dealers asking them a series of questions in the form of an interview. I got a response from Angus that's a great insight into him and his business. Check out the post at my replica watch blog: Swiss Replica Watch Blog. For those who don't know about it my blog is a general information source for the replica watch hobby. It's a lot more opinionated than my other site, The Replica Watch Report, which I try to keep facts-only. Thanks to Angus for being a good sport and answering my questions so completely!
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