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  1. I bought my 1st 187 in 2006 from Eddy Lee as well and had one marker fall off the bezel as well. I bought a complete but non-working other 187 just to have extra markers to replace if any others fell off. Also had it lumed and serviced by Vac, so it was a very valuable rep for me and I have worn it a lot. I just bought a newer one, but not the latest, with improved correct color lume and Chief double A/R . I know the doublr A/R is not correct, but OMG what an effect it has on the dial. I really love it, so I will not want to get the newest rendition. Rogerwine
  2. Just wondering what the general feeling is about this rep. it looks pretty good to me. Rogerwine
  3. I recently bought the V1 from King and I love it and embrace all of it's flaws, as it just looks beautiful to me. rogerwine
  4. Got mine too. Absolutely no complaints and a great "good looking beater". Smaller then I am used to, but to good looking to not wear. rogerwine
  5. Anyway, they are not in stock or production.
  6. The edges of the case are beveled and reflect light differently then the flat areas, but they are not polished, but sandblasted like the rest of the case !!!
  7. The sides of the bezel ARE polished ! The sides of the case ARE NOT polished, but are sandblasted like the rest of the case ! The sides of the case back ARE polished ! Yea, I'll take that bet
  8. Yes, absolutely, Ultimate Ears are the best I have ever had. Incredible sound stage and depth. Even the less expensive models are great. You can't go wrong. Rogerwine
  9. Just yesterday I switched from DirectTV to Comcast for phone, internet and the Full Monty, everything Xfinity TV/bundle. The bundled price is about $24.00/month less then Direct and the other 2 services on AT&T. I was with direct for 6 years and they just went up and up and up until they really [censored] me off. At least with Comcast it is month to month and if it doesn't pan out we can leave any time we want. Stupid Direct and Dish have been doing the 2 year requirement deals and they charge for every little thing that is added on. The only real thing to do is to keep changing around and get the program deals with each service. The "add to income stream" crap that they all perpetrate is absolutely maddening and predatory. As I am experiencing it the Comcast HD is as good as the Direct Satellite signal so that one fear is solved. The other issue is that Comcast is really pushing the customer satisfaction issue and that really appeals to me after my recent DirectTV experiences, so we shall see. However the Comcast internet service at 20MBPS is absolutely screaming compared to our AT&T experience, and digital phone service has some major cool features as well. Rogerwine
  10. There is a great post on RWI today that also shows the very same construction inconsistency across a good selection of gen watches.I have observed that issue as well with regard to Gen Panerai watches and those that follow Panerai history know the odd-ball construction issues that have gone on over the years with individual watches let alone throughout a models construction year. And so it should be with the "Hand Made" nature of these watch, no 2 watches should be exactly the same and that difference should be celebrated. On the other hand, the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth that goes on over macro 3rd party photographs that show horrible flaws that few if anybody can see and even less care about, ends up stopping a lot of people from enjoying a fairly well crafted and inexpensive replica. So if you are hanging on to tight about the "perfection" of all genuine watch brands,or agonizing over the fact your reps "Font is warped", you should really lighten up and relax a bit and enjoy what you've got, instead of what you don't have. Because nobody is going to know it but you !!! Rogerwine
  11. Vacuum is in Florida and Pams are his specialty. It's a no-brainer
  12. Don't do it . It will definitely cause carpel-tunnel syndrome.
  13. Over on Reepgeek there crapping all over it. I just don't get the negativity, for $218.00 this is a no-brainer, the dial the CG, a good shot at lume, and I do not expect the movement to be a down-grade from current movements as some have suggested. Just an issue of low -res photos. Good effort! rogerwine
  14. Admin. check it out, I received a message that I had not renewed my membership, but I paid it on the 11/10 by PayPal #(Unique Transaction ID #81A364465B837152M) for $36.00. Check it out !!! Rogerwine
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