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  1. Let me know what you find, I've been looking for 5 years
  2. Nope. Other than the fact that there's less empty dial real estate, there's no reason why they'd be any different. You can put a date window at 6 o'clock on an ETA 7750 with no modifications at all, it just ends up in the hours totalizer subdial. You can put one at 4:30. You can put one at 9 if you want to, although it would be stupid looking and the running seconds would run over the window for ~20 seconds out of every minute. No mods to the movement are required.
  3. The only "modification" generally required for date at 6 is to print the numbers in a different orientation, and cut the date window into the dial in a different place. The date disc is a circle, it's there under the dial already. 99.9% of movements that come in variants with date at 3, 4:30, 6, 9, whatever are identical except for the printing on the date disc.
  4. If you are looking at the refinished 16750 dial on ebay right now, it means "garbage"...
  5. I was also born in 1981, and I started thinking about this a few weeks ago -- I think I'm going to go 16750. http://i1252.photobucket.com/albums/hh568/devildog267/16750-2_zpszaoyqgo6.jpg http://i1252.photobucket.com/albums/hh568/devildog267/16750-1_zpsskia9dbe.jpg Best of all worlds in some ways, I can use the open 6 datewheel, I can use a CHS ETA movement without having to drop $1k on building another 3185, and I get the lovely acrylic crystal. I'm thinking cartel 1655 explorer case. Still haven't found a source for a dial unfortunately.
  6. There isn't a way to do it without cutting the feet, if you retain the ETA movement. But now that rep 3185 movements are available...
  7. Working on a friend's watch, and dripped a tiny bit of glue on the date disc... hopeful that I can get it off with some care and acetone, but just in case would like to source a date disc. Replacement movements are only $25 so may not be possible to get parts sadly, but here's hoping someone has one in their box
  8. Well, got everything back (the movement is beautiful, thanks misiekped) and assembled the movement/dial/hands. Everything fits into the case, but when assembled the stem hole is about .5mm too low. I removed the tube (which broke instantly, perfect opportunity to throw away the rep part and put in a gen-spec tube) and I guess I'll start drilling out the hole. Plan right now is to reposition the tube and see how it looks. Still interested in finding a different mid-case that will take the 3135/3185 without modification... if the 16610 had the same CG configuration as the 116710 I'd be using a TC midcase right now!
  9. I had a similar problem, years ago https://rwg.cc/topic/156977-trouble-fitting-a-t21-to-a-dw-case
  10. No luck over at RG so I thought I'd ask here. I am planning to do a build with a 3185-movement. Main challenge is going to be sourcing a midcase (everything else can be fixed with money!). I've got two of the old Noob Explorer II cases in the parts bin (which were, by far, the best rep 16570/16710 cases ever made) but they have ETA stem height. Obviously I could drill out the tube hole and reposition with JB Weld, like what polexpete did for his Breitling build or what the AP builders do when they switch from a 7750 based case to a franken with 2982+DD movement. Any other options? Sources for a midcase that would work, and if so, what's the pricing like?
  11. Took a while to settle, but in the end got it regulated to within a few seconds / day Possibly -- not sure if they would fit Note that the 2840 has a nylon pallet fork and escape wheel...
  12. Yes and no -- simple enough to obtain off a 2846, and you can swap the 2824 parts back onto the 2846 to create what is effectively a 2836 with 2846 markings... but you still need to source a 2846 from somewhere. Here's the thread https://rwg.cc/topic/154653-ap-diver-with-low-beat-2824-success
  13. Another option is to swap in a 2846 balance wheel, escape wheel and pallet fork -- these parts all drop in and you end up with a low beat 2824. I did this years ago on my AP diver. It's a straightforward swap. I'll see if I can dig up the thread.
  14. You want one of the ones Polex Pete had printed Link to sale thread in the parts forum If he is out I probably have a spare in my parts box, but please try to buy from him first -- he arranged the group buy and took the risk of paying for all of these up front, so he deserves the chance to recoup his investment
  15. For a modern 3135 dial and a 28xx ETA movement, it is not possible. One of the feet would go through the balance wheel. Other dial variants might have different dial feet positions.
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